Virtual sex is a relatively new phenomenon that is associated with the rise of modern communication technologies. People connect through communication devices for sexual gratification. Have you ever come across the term cybersex? Do you know what hardware can be used in digisex today, or where the development in this erotic area is? In addition to the answers to these questions, we will also offer you a guide to the perfect partner for virtual sex.


  • What is virtual sex?
  • Internet as the main space for virtual erotica
  • Sophisticated aids bring more realism to VR
  • Virtual sex business
  • What is so tempting about alternative reality sex?
  • 2 main dangers of cybersex

What is virtual sex?

Virtual sex is a phenomenon in which two or more people connect using some form of a communication device for the purpose of sexual arousal and satisfaction. In general, we can further divide it into the following areas, between which, however, there is no clear boundary:

  • Phone sex uses the phone as a medium. In addition to the classic call, SMS or MMS messages are also sent. Mobile phones with a built-in digital camera have expanded this area with additional space and with the possibility of speech and sharing.
  • Cybersex is virtual sex over the internet, email, chat, erotic games, etc.
  • Digisex, or digital sex, is a form of satisfying sexual needs through digital technology. An alternative to connecting with another person online is, in addition, the possibility of connecting with a virtual person, for example using 3D glasses or projection.
  • Robosex is an erotic connection with the sex doll or a sexbot with AI.
VR sex

VR sex

Internet as the main space for virtual erotica

The Internet is the driving force behind the development of virtual erotica. With the increasing availability of broadband, smartphones and webcams are becoming regular tools for fans to constantly expand their digisex options.

Connecting with a partner on the other side of the planet via video chat and enjoying long-distance sex is as common today as calling or texting. Exchanging erotic photos or videos is a normal part of the online flow of information between people of all generations across the planet.

The cyborg game

Sociologists liken virtual sex to playing a cyborg (a fictional human-robot character) because natural human activity (sexual intercourse) is mediated by technology. Therefore, in a sense, technology becomes a part of personal identity.

Sophisticated aids bring more realism to VR

New technological aids make it possible to experience a virtual sexual relationship in a way that is slowly blurring the boundaries of two realities – physical and digital. In this context, the exchange of erotic SMS messages or photos can be described as virtual sexual prehistory.

The world of virtual sex can be divided in terms of the tools used as follows:

  • Sending photos, videos, chatting or online calls, etc. These options are nothing new on the Internet, in addition, the use of a webcam allows partners to re-share their excitement in real-time or by recording from any distance.
  • Digital erotic toys. These are tools that can be operated online so that you can satisfy the other person wherever they are. Download the application to the remote vibrator, turn on the webcam, and the unconventional experience can begin.

A novelty on the market are sets for couples, which contain both a vibrator and a masturbator.

The vibrator is simply paired with a partner’s mobile phone and the artificial vagina with the other’s mobile phone, and then connected to each other via a web interface.

Motion data from one sensor is transmitted over the Internet in real-time to another device that performs these movements, and vice versa. In combination with the transmitted image and sound between the partners, a more intense experience is created.

  • Virtual glasses. They are a very affordable tool for entering the world of fantasy. You can buy something cheap from as little as 20 dollars which connect to your phone as a replacement display, all the way to VR headsets costing over 500 dollars that contain their own hardware. Virtual reality porn is booming. Thanks to glasses, you can instantly find yourself right in the middle of what you have only seen on the screen so far. From the comfort of your couch, you can pay for a striptease from your favorite porn star.
  • Virtual spatial projection. In real physical space, an optical projector is created using a special projector, which transports you to another environment where you can experience the sexual arousal of new, unsuspected dimensions. The quality of the digital space is improving from year to year and is slowly moving towards an ultra-realistic experience of a parallel world.
  • Projecting virtual reality into the brain. So far, this is the music of the future, which is still at the level of theories and sci-fi stories. So we have to wait a few more years for realistic virtual sex.

Virtual sex business

In addition to private digital interconnection, there are countless paid services. This applies to the so-called hotlines or erotic video chats, where you can choose from a specific person offering a service, as well as erotic aids, 3D movies, and games. The offer on the Internet is vast.

Virtual erotic games are a rich, fast-growing industry. The connection between the virtual world and pornography has been talked about for a long time, and development companies have so far tried to achieve more and more naturalness with varying degrees of success. So far, the most ambitious porn game is VR Kanojo from the Japanese company Illusion, which specializes in so-called eroge – erotic computer games.

VR Bangers came up with a contradictory device two years ago. These are special glasses that will turn your partner into a porn star with a perfect body during sex. Virtual reality allows you to experience sex with another person without being physically unfaithful. The question remains how sexy this experience is for those who are without glasses. It would be better to buy glasses for both partners instead of just one person having the experience.

One of the largest pornographic portals, SodaCam, now offers the possibility of virtual sex, where real girls, sex dolls, and sex toys can be combined. The client chooses a counterpart and an ideal environment in a way he would never be able to in real life. He will have the situation projected through 3D glasses. The program can also be connected via Bluetooth to a male masturbator, which has the shape of female genitalia. The price per minute of connection ranges from 5-70 crowns.

What is so tempting about alternative reality sex?

The main advantage of this kind of sex is anonymity. This experience allows the freedom to express a person’s desires and fantasies and without the worry of how another person might think or feel. It can also have therapeutic benefits for certain types of people with psychological issues revolving around sex.

The undeniable advantage is the zero risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

For the average person, it means above all diversification, escape, relaxation and fun. Cybersex is a domain consisting more of men who seek more impersonal contact, than women who need more emotional and physical contact.

“I think these forms of excitement rather enrich sexuality. They have four features in common: anonymity, accessibility, inspiration, and interactivity. ”…“ It’s a way of escaping into the virtual world, and reality can be painful compared to this fiction. ” today we can

imagine. Cybersex dominates the 21st century but does not replace bodily contact. Although, who knows? ”Zlatko Pastor, Sexuality of a Woman, GRADA, 2007

2 main dangers of cybersex

Your personal space online brings a feeling of security and intimacy. However, it is very important to protect with whom and where you share your intimate data, and to maintain a healthy relationship with the physical and social-emotional reality.

  • The misuse of information and data is a topic that should be taken into account by anyone who shares their erotic content and information. The possibility of abuse can happen to anyone. It can be a random hacker, a vengeful mistress, or an ambitious colleague at work. Unwanted publications of secret photos or videos can significantly complicate a person’s life and disrupt functioning relationships in private and professional life.
  • Fusion of realities. The young generation (sometimes called Y or I) born after 1990 is so interconnected with the virtual world of digital technology that it is often unable to pragmatically separate it from the physical world. Living 24 hours online creates a completely new world.


Katie Salen, a professor of design, writes: “Adults talk about the difference between the virtual world and real life. They fear that young people are unable to separate the two worlds. I think that the difference is perceived only by adults, it is the idea of a generation for which the virtual world did not exist and was added to real life only as an addition. But children move between the real and virtual worlds as if nothing separates them.”


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