11 Stylish College Wardrobe Essentials for Girls

College Wardrobe

Girls are girls. Wherever they are in the college wardrobe, they need to look stylish and fashionable. Modern industry has made this task easier than ever. No need to design and sew something on your own. Stylish clothes and accessories have been made available and affordable even to students.

Moreover, college girls are the ones who are most interested in fashion. They are willing to spend their time searching for discounts or brand sales. Lots of designers take this into consideration when they work on their new collections.

However, even if you are not a fashion diva and don’t like to spend her money on anything else than https://essaypro.com/write-my-essay.html, there are several essentials that you need to have in your wardrobe. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

A Pair of Comfortable Jeans

What can look better on you than a pair of comfortable jeans? You should definitely have one that would fit you best while ensuring the comfort of your every move. We all travel, go for walks or shopping. Jeans are perfect for any occasion.

Also, jeans were proved to be one of the most frequently worn clothing items at colleges and universities. If there is no obligation to wear a uniform or follow a specific style in your college, a pair of jeans will definitely help you out if you do not want to waste your time in the morning.

Basic Tops

Having basic T-shirts and tops is a must for every girl. You cannot even imagine how practical these clothes are. Whatever jacket or blouse you have – wear your basic top underneath.

Firstly, it ensures your underwear is not visible. Secondly, it gives you extra comfort because such basics are usually made of cotton and are very soft. Do not hesitate to wear basic T-shirts under sweaters or sweatshirts, too. They will give you extra warmth in the cold seasons and protect you from itchy fabrics.

A Leather Jacket

A quality leather jacket is definitely a thing you should be spending your money on. Do not choose a cheap one instead of picking up that fits you best. Consider this jacket as an investment.

In fact, leather jackets are always in fashion and barely wear out. You can have a good one for years, wearing it every spring and autumn. Such jackets provide you with a boost of confidence and style because they always look good on you.

A Cool Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are a relatively new development in the fashion industry. We used to call every such item a sweater. However, sweatshirts are usually worn during midseason and fit both casual and formal styles.

Thus, match it with your pair of jeans. If you do not have time to think about what you should wear before you go out in the morning, jeans and a sweatshirt will do.


You don’t need to be a sneaker head to enjoy comfortable shoes. Owning a pair that makes your feet relaxed is a must. The perfect sneakers should be so lightweight you don’t even feel them.

It is very important to have a favorite brand. It is even more important to have a model that is perfect for your feet. Whatever the case may be, make yourself comfortable with high-quality footwear.

A Pair of Favorite Ballet Flats

Your college footwear should not be limited to sneakers. Every girl should have a pair of elegant ballet flats that would fit both classic and casual styles. Ballet flats are footwear that perfectly complements any trendy look.

Of course, they may not look as appealing as your high heels do. However, while being modest, ballet flats make sure your feet are comfortable. Flats have been in fashion for over a decade, and they do not become out-fashioned.

Black Pants

Nothing fits your everyday college attire better than a part of black pants. You can wear them for any occasion. Style them with a hoodie to look casual or with a crop top for a cooler outfit.

Regardless of the collection, black pants are a versatile item that will definitely last long. However, finding a perfect pair can be a tough task. You might even purchase a few pairs of the same model to always have a fresh one.

Cashmere Cardigan

College Wardrobe Essentials for Girls

College Wardrobe Essentials for Girls – image via Unsplash.com

The temperature at college campuses can go low sometimes. To make sure you are comfortable and look great, it is always a good idea to have a warm cardigan at hand. Cashmere is definitely the best fabric for this. It is fluffy, soft, warm, and timeless.

Moreover, such a cardigan always looks good. Whatever you are wearing – a dress or jeans, you will definitely rock in your cashmere cardigan.


When it comes to bags, there is nothing handier and more practical than a backpack. For most girls, being able to carry all the stuff they need is pretty critical. This kind of bag lets you do that. Moreover, given the fact that backpacks are very popular, you can choose any form and shape.

Backpacks definitely rock because they leave your hands free. Since the pressure is equally distributed between your shoulders, back pain will not be an issue.


It is wrong to assume that leggings are good for the gym only. They are indeed athletic clothes. However, today, girls wear them anywhere. For example, if you have a pretty short dress that you cannot wear at the campus, leggings are there to help you out.

Also, some of them look nice with long sweaters, cardigans, etc. They can be really universal. In winter, leggings can ensure extra comfort and warmth for you.

Casual Dresses

By now, we’ve talked about anything except dresses and skirts. However, like any girl, you are probably excited about wearing them, too. For college, we recommend choosing casual items that would make you feel comfortable and pretty. Fancy dresses and skirts usually distract your attention and can even get you in trouble.

If you choose what dress to buy, make sure you can sit comfortably in it. If it is too short or makes you feel cocooned, you should not take it.

Final Words for College Wardrobe

In a great variety of clothes, it is hard to decide what you really need to feel good. However, you should be guided by the rule that the clothes you choose should be both comfortable and stylish.

The above mentioned list of essentials is incomplete because every girl would definitely have something to add to it. However, these wardrobe essentials are a must for girls who want to rock on campus.

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