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Write For Us

Do you want to get your business articles published? Do you consider yourself an expert when it comes to making the business online? Do you have a blog about the outdoor? Fashion? Pets? Business online? Home garden? Motores? Toys? Kids? Sporting? And anything else? And want to guest post? If so, email us your best article. We are looking for articles with opinions, skills, and value to bring to our readers. We want journalists that are aspiring to deliver the best content. All you need is a love for writing to get started.

Please follow the guidelines below if you’d like to get your post on Atbuz.com blog page.

The Benefits Of Writing For Us or Become Contributor Are:

  • 1 Links back to your website
  • Increased traffic to your site
  • A Strong article portfolio

A Couple Of Rules Are:

  • All articles must be original content written by you. We will check all articles for content scraping.
  • You can add nice photos in your article.
  • The article must be more than 1000 words.
  • You can’t post the same article on other websites after submit on my website. But you can share it on your social account to get more readers.
  • You must be honest in your opinion. Any spam or paid promotion is not tolerated.
  • Read a few of our articles to understand our writing style.


  • $20 service fee to post your unique article.
  • 1000 words article writing service fee is $20 if you need we write the article for you.
  • If your article is more than 2000 words and unique, the service fee is free, you can send me directly the article to jlw484 (at) hotmail.com
  • Please add “Guest Post and Accept Service Fee” on your email title. Otherwise, we will not reply back to your email.

There are how to a good article with the catchy title

  • Think of the topic you want to write your article about
  • Minimize your barrier to entry. Make it easy for your reader to be drawn in.
  • Keep your paragraphs short and your text visually appealing. In general, shorten everything.
  • Keep it short and sweet. As the old adage says, “kill your darlings.”
  • Give me substance. One of the worst things about any news feed is an article that says nothing. They’re shockingly common. So often people just write fluff.
  • Tell me a story. People love stories.
  • The show, then tell. Start by showing me your point in the action, then explain to me what it means and why it matters.
  • Always remember proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Use elevated diction. “What’s that?” you may ask. Elevated diction means, simply put, the “big words.” Flaunting a wide vocabulary is acceptable in most articles and topics.
  • Don’t write an article if you don’t know what you’re doing. Writing articles about something you’re totally unfamiliar with is pointless.
  • Describe it for them. Use descriptive terms and phrases to further explain what you’re instructing them to do.
  • Keep opinions personal. Don’t make the article about how much you hate cats, or what kind of personalities you can’t stand. Make it an honest instructional article about how to complete a task.
  • Keep the introduction short and to the point.

How to submit…

If you have the expertise and are willing to create an outstanding article for Atbuz.com ’s audience, send us an email include your article and images to:

jlw484 (at) hotmail.com

Please include the words “Guest Post” in the subject line.

Check those video for how to write a great blog:




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    If you like the ideas i put forward, i will provide you with high-quality free content/articles. In exchange, all i expect is a back link from within the main body of the article.
    Please let me know if we can collaborate on future projects.
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