How to Lose Weight by Just Having Sex?

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Have Sex and Lose Weight

It’s crazy how the obsession with reducing weight has become such a core principle in the modern world. Diet fads and workout routines are nearly breaking the internet with promises of extreme weight loss. However, I don’t feel like people talk about sex for weight loss enough in all honesty.

A Sex Diet?

Yes. Yes, you read that right. It is possible to cut the pounds by getting some regular bedroom action. We can all agree that most weight loss programs are created to make you suffer and are thrown in a bonus of probable results. Somebody came up with a better way already.

Oh, wait. They did come up with something—the sex diet. According to the Gym Expert, if you want to strip off the extra pounds, you have to strip off your clothes. The only thing you need to fire up is your sex drive. Who said getting fit is no fun?

How is Your Sex Life Affecting Your Overall Health?

Generally speaking, many people do not put in much thought into what happens in their sex life, and more so how it affects their health. All we care about is that sex makes us feel good and active.

But have you ever stopped to think about sex as a calorie-burning activity? What is sex weight loss? Do you know you could substitute a few gym days for more sessions of intense lovemaking? Sure thing. Cut yourself some slack and try things the fun way.

It’s Fun I know you won’t admit it, but sometimes the motivation to work out isn’t there. All you want to do is snuggle with your significant other. How about hitting the snooze button and turning on your freaky? According to several studies, either option results in fat burning; only one way is more exciting.

1.      Curb the Stress Hormones

If you’re a stress feeder, then you definitely understand the struggle of trying not to gorge yourself at the slightest inconvenience. Even with weight loss foods, this habit might backpedal your progress. Life isn’t fair, is it?

But listen, if you’re having sex regularly, your body tends to produce lesser cortisol, the mischievous stress hormone. In turn, your food cravings drop significantly, therefore averting the need to feed to reduce anxiety or stress.

2.      You Get to Sleep Afterwards

Even if you starve yourself or exercise until you’re worn out, you’ll not see any satisfactory results if you do not get enough sleep.

However, when you orgasm, oxytocin is released into the body. If you’re looking for weight loss tips that work, start getting some sleep.

3.      Maintain Your Libido

Once your scale indicates that you’re tipping on the obesity bracket, your weight loss motivation should be sky-high. This is because obesity negatively interferes with hormone production and regulation, and can mess up your libido. Getting on a sex diet for weight loss is the right way of boosting testosterone levels in the blood. This ensures that you and your partner are sexually satisfied while keeping erectile dysfunction at bay.

4.      Sexy Cardio for Cardiovascular Health

Having intercourse often does keep your heart healthy. Active sex life is a sure way of keeping your metabolism busy, keep the fats burning, and keep the heart-healthy.

Smiling lovers

Smiling lovers

Understanding The X-Rated Weight Loss Diet

Many of these weight loss approaches often involve a lot of expenses in terms of gear, sustaining feeding programs, and subscriptions, either to gyms or apps.

On the other hand, the sex diet only requires, well, sex, and a partner. Research studies indicate that people who get on a weight loss program with a partner have doubled positive results than their single counterparts.

Over the years, people embrace the health benefits associated with sexual intercourse, such as reducing anxiety, burning fat, and improving the immune system. More recently, experts are keen on packaging sex into a healthy lifestyle routine, combined with proper feeding habits. The goal is to utilize sex for weight loss and health.

The Works

Like most dieting programs, the sex diet begins with a biweekly plan that lays heavy emphasis on veggies, fruits, seafood, whole grains, lean proteins, herbs, and nuts. Unlike the others, the meal plan incorporates food that spruces up your life, in and out of the bedroom. That is, blend in appetizers such as truffles, while meals such as fajitas and sushi to boost your libido.

Like most meal plans, the goal is to develop healthy feeding habits while cutting out trans-fats, flour, and processed sugars. All in all, sex is the core factor in the sex diet, and partners are advised to get sexually active at least four times a week and double down on the weekends. Some experts encourage couples cardio – engaging in half-hour cardio activities together several times a week.

Let’s Get Physical

Incorporating physical exercise offers quick weight loss results, and that is what the sex diet aims to achieve. So how exactly do you get satisfactory results from having intercourse? That’s easy, try the sexercises.

Sexercises are a compilation of exercises with a freaky tweak that targets the back, arms, butt, stomach, and legs. Not only does this get you fit and vamped for what’s to follow, but it is also a great way of bonding with your significant other- win-win situation.

To add a little zing to this approach, you and your partner can take photos as you progress so you can have a before and after weight loss comparison basis.

Introduction To Sexercises

If you’re going to do this, then you better do it right. Here are a few basic exercises you can try out with your partner, and they can also double down as foreplay.

Basic #1 – The Crunchy Kiss

One of you should lie on their back with the hands crossed in front of the chest, one is doing sit-ups. The other partner should be on their knees and hold their partner’s ankles.

As the one lying down, tense the abs and lift the upper back into a sitting position. As you lift your torso, give your kneeling partner a wet, full-mouthed kiss. Gently lower yourself and repeat this set ten times. Swap positions with your partner.

Two hands

Two hands

Basic #2 – Bridging the Differences

You and your partner should face sitting each other, four feet apart. Now bend your knees so that they are hip-width apart in front of you. Line the soles of your feet with your partner and then reach out and hold hands outside your legs.

The two of you should gently straighten and raise the legs to form a downward facing V bridge. You can bend your knees if you feel tightness at the back of your legs.

Pull in the abdomen like in a deep breath and hold for several seconds, then slowly return your legs in the original position. Do not stop clapping hands as you lower your legs.

Basic #3 – The Love Squat

Face each other and spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Stretch out your hands and hold each other firmly. At this position, gently lower your butt by bending at the knees until the thighs are parallel to the ground. Make sure your butt does not go lower than the knees.

Hold this position for 5 seconds, then straighten your legs slowly into the initial position. Ensure your hands are stretched out before you while straightening up. Do 5 sets of this exercise.

Basic #4 – Pushing Up Your Love Life

Get on your back and bend your knees slightly apart. Place your arms at the sides, palms down.

Now slowly breathe in and gently arch your pelvis and lower back. In this position, breathe out and tense your butt muscles. Draw in the abdomen as you slowly lower your pelvis and the small of your back.

Repeat this set 5 times, tensing and relaxing your muscles in a rhythmic wave-like motion.

Game On – How To Do The Nitty Gritty

So you want to get down to business. Now that you understand the relationship between weight loss and sex, it is time to get that rodeo on the road. The question is, what is the best sex position for weight loss? We’ll do you one better. Here are 4.

1.    Get On Top

This is probably not the first place you’re reading this, but getting on top does it for both men and women. For instance, the men use up a lot of effort in the missionary position and not so much for them. So, make sure you both take turns to be on top, varying positions and angles to spruce it up. Remember, it is the effort that counts.

2.      Cowgirl Position

This sex position is for ladies, where they support their weight on the floor or bed. This is a great exercise that activates the core and butt muscles. Depending on how long your partner can last, this cardio exercise is excellent for strengthening the spine and the pelvis.

3.      The Squat Position

It is in the name, and this position is for the ladies. This position is excellent for toning core muscles, the butt, and the thigh muscles, and it uses up a lot of energy. If you want your partner to be more active, make him scoop you in a standing position by hooking your arms under his legs.

Other than working up the sweat, this position maximizes on penetration, thus increasing the pleasure.

4.      Go Doggy

Not only is this position immensely pleasurable for men, but it is great cardio for both parties. This position helps firm up the man’s abs, increase back flexibility, and increase the heart rate. For the ladies, this position is excellent for activating core muscles and the pelvic floor.

Remember, the goal is to use up energy, so the longer the session, the better. Experts advise on hour-long lovemaking periods, but you can both gradually work on stamina if the sex is a five-minute affair.

Couple in the bed

Couple in the bed

Creating a Pattern

If you want to reap the maximum benefits from the sex diet, you are going to invest fully, just like you would if this were a keto program. If you don’t have a permanent partner (you prefer to tap and go) to keep you motivated and focused, you can go the noom way.

Now you’re asking, what is noom weight loss and what does it do with this? This is a customized weight loss program delivered through an app. the big idea is to reduce a user’s calorie intake while conditioning them to adapt and assimilate healthier choices.

You can use the app to record your daily activities, exercise regimes, or filling in your diet and meal plans. The app provides a coach that will help you attain your body goals by offering advice and dietary information. To ensure that users don’t give up on self-monitoring, they are granted access to health coaches and platforms to discuss relevant topics.

Tracking Your Progress

Let’s not forget the ultimate sex diet is just like any other, result-oriented while aiming to form a healthy lifestyle. So don’t forget your weight loss calculator behind. Even though this is not necessary, it can be therapeutic to follow your progress, which is always a motivation source.

Some of the best weight loss apps have features that allow users to keep track of their activities, feeding habits, and sleep cycles. Even though most of them come with a subscription plan, they are a great way of keeping up with your program.


There is no harm in trying the sex diet. If anything, it is the perfect way of bonding with your partner while helping each other attain their body goals. However, much like all dieting approaches out here, these X-rated plans’ effectiveness depends on how committed you are and your sex drive.

Is there anything you’d like to share about sex and weight loss programs? What sexercises for fast weight loss haven’t we mentioned? We’d love to hear from you!

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