Easy Woodworking Projects Beginners Can Try

Contrary to common belief, woodworking does not need to be daunting. You will be surprised at how easily beginners can craft amazing products from scrap lumber, using very basic tools and easily understandable instructions. In this article, we have listed a few simple woodworking projects you can attempt even if you are a beginner.

Make a Coffee Table With Crates

If you want to start off with something simple, then you can always choose crates as your primary material. The assembly part is already simplified as the boxes are already formed. But still, if you can put all the pieces together, then you will have an impressive end result. All you need to do is be crafty while assembling the crates together to form the coffee table.

Dog Crate

Why not pair your woodworking creativity to make a new spot for your family pet. A dog crate is a requirement for people with pets and surprisingly simple to put together yourself. For this project, you will need a pine board and furring strips. You need to fasten the pieces together with the help of a nail gun, joining jig, and wood glue. Finding out the right tools for this project beforehand will simplify the process.

Build a Birdnest

If you want to give your yard a charming look and try out your hand at woodworking, then building a bird nest is a great option. It is a simple project a beginner can take on. You will need a PVC pipe, plywood, saw, drill, dowel rod, and a pine board for this. You can attempt this with the other members of your family as the birds’ nest is easy to nail together.

Build a Wooden Table Rack For Bottles

A great way to add a rustic charm to your drinks table is by building a wooden rack to hold the bottles. You need to cut the wooden pieces to the appropriate size first. Then use a nail gun and wood glue to assemble it. Finish it off by adding oil or stain to bring a great finishing look. You can even add a bottle opener by using a screw or two to mount it on the side.

Make a Step Stool

To create this helpful stepping stool, you need to pay a little attention to the measurements while cutting the wood. Constructing it is easy, too, once you have the measurements right. It will be easy to cut and put together the wood, and you can use wood glue and nails to hold it in place. You can add the finishing touches by applying a little paint or a good stain.

Build Your Pet a Feeding Station

This project is really straightforward and quick to put together, and you get to give your favorite pet a feeding station of its own. All you need are prefabricated furniture legs and a pine plank. You need to cut the scrap pine board and support it by 4 table legs that are cut to size. Then you need to feature two jigsaw cut holes measuring the size of your bowls, so you can place the water and food bowls in. You can use your creativity by adding your own special touches with paint. Make sure to cut the size according to your available space.

Make a Lamp

A lamp made from any reclaimed wood or a log can be turned into a charming decorative piece for your bedroom or living room corner. You can purchase a basic lamp kit from your local hardware big box and drill the hardware inside the log. You need to seal the woods together and paint it in your desired design. Top it off with a beautiful, soothing shade to complete the look.

Make a Convenient Sofa Sleeve

Ever thought how you can conveniently place your coffee mug close while you settle down on your couch? The easy solution is to build a sofa sleeve so you can put your cup safely on your couch while keeping your upholstery protected at the same time. You can create a sleek and contemporary look since the construction of this project is really simple. Just be sure to cut the wooden pieces accurately according to the size measurements of your sofa or armchair.

You need to use glue to assemble the drilled and precut scrap wood and make a convenient perch that will hug the arm of your chair or couch. You can even double it as a cup holder by using a hole saw to drill a circular trench.

Build a Tool Tote

Now that you are into woodworking, you will need to tool tote to keep your DIY tools safe. You can make it easily with scrap wood. You paste the bottom tray with glue and brads and easily store your wrenches and hammers there. You can also fit the plywood upright securely into a slot that will be located at the base. This can hold the pliers and tin snips along with other essentials in the holes of the plywood.

Install Wood Boards on Your Walls

If you have any remnant wood from the last wood design project you were working on, then you can easily accent the art studio walls with them. You can paint the wood boards in your desired design or theme and secure them to the wall with finishing nails and adhesive. Another additional decorative option would be to install ledges above a few of the boards. You can use them to display more creative designs.

Build a Top Shelf For Books

An excellent idea for a woodworking project is to build a wooden shelf for your favorite bedtime books. Use the scrap wood to assemble a frame and connect the base pieces together using brad nails and wood glue. The beveled-edge roof needs to be attached to the top. You can use wood filler to fill any of the nail holes. Finally, sand and paint the shelf in your desired look.


Woodworking projects can be fun projects around the house, and you can use your creativity to create designs from wood just by following a few simple guidelines and tips. So get the right tools and have lots of fun with your new woodworking projects.


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