Brisbane’s AdventureTeam Tackling Mental Health with Occupational Therapy

The National Disability Insurance Scheme has blessed more than 600,000 Australians with extended disability support. According to the quarterly report by NDIS released in August 2023, participants and their families now have increased choices across community and workplace engagement. The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 77% of participants (15 years of age and older) report NDIS helping them with more control and choice.
  • Another 42% show increased participation towards social and community activities 
  • Work participation has delightfully doubled from 11 to 22%, especially in the age group of 15-24. 
  • The average number of days for an NDIS participant to be medically fit for discharge now stands at 27.

How AdventureTeam Is Pushing The Status Quo 

Brisbane’s Adventure Team is among the best disability social groups in Gold Coast, helping NDIS participants do more through occasional therapy services. Inspired by the core living principles of adventure connection, transparency, living in abundance, and passion, they impact all quarters—strategic, operational, business, and individual. With skilled therapists facilitating personalised sessions, Adventure Team is doing a phenomenal job instil a spirit of functionality and independence. Their in-house occupational therapists conduct a range of assessments to design possible respite care solutions for an NDIS participant. 

What Is Occupational Adventure Therapy and How Does It Help? 

Simply put, occupational adventure therapy is an individual-centric service that helps people find purpose and meaning in their lives. NDIS participants often struggle on the mental front due to their disability and negative societal views. Occupational therapists help individuals enhance their abilities to suitably engage in any occupation they want. Additionally, it allows an NDIS participant to overcome any difficulty by modifying the environment.  

The significance of occupational therapy is not time-limited. Instead, occupational therapists work lifelong with NDIS participants, addressing their developmental disorders. It could be an intellectual, chronic, physical, mental, or progressive disability. Some occupational therapists can also deliver multiple NDIS-funded services to participants where social and economic participation is paramount. Other areas of concern include:

  • Functional Capacity Assessment And Subsequent Intervention
  • Prescription And Implementation Of Assistive Technology
  • Dedicated Mental Health Interventions
  • Positive behavior Support
  • Driving Assessments (under specific guided training)
  • Goal-driven Rehabilitation

A Vow To Make Lives Better  

AdventureTeam had a humble beginning in 2019 with a team of two. Today, the family has grown to over a hundred, committed to the common goal of transforming lives for the disabled. 

The founding members have travelled across the globe to discover behaviour solutions that fit their beliefs and are bent on making a difference. Today, Adventure Team takes pride in their NDIS support worker, who share the same love and passion for the outdoors and self-improvement. Their key adventure ability services, including occupational therapy, recovery programs, and psychology programs, help NDIS participants equally across all age groups (adults, adolescents, and children).

Adventure Team has designed their service line to correspond to a separate budget geared towards capacity building. In other words, the funding is set aside to help NDIS participants realise their full potential and live a safe, independent life. For instance, some participants have complex needs or severe psychological issues. Naturally, they are challenging to work with, given the difficulty of managing varying behavioural patterns. Such individuals need help completing daily tasks and making decisions. The safeguarding initiatives by the Adventure Team provide enhanced capacity for these participants to take time towards realising their individual goals.

By embracing a series of cognitive evaluations, functional assessments, and an empowering spirit, Adventure Team has made it possible to reap maximum benefits for all NDIS participants.

If you’re an NDIS participant yourself or a caregiver to someone looking for respite care in Brisbane, feel free to reach out to the Adventure Team today. To learn more, check out their official website,


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