7 Sex Tips For People In Long-Distance Relationships

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Long distance relationships hard work, and it will take a lot of effort from both of you to make it happen, especially for your first time. But then again, short-distance relationships are not really the gold standard on how to date, so we guess it just depends on how you see it.

There is nothing harder in this world than spending time apart from the one person that you love. However, the life that we live these days may not always allow us to spend that much time together with our loved ones.

If you are always finding yourself on the road or away from home, you can start to get worried about your relationship, and it’s justified.

Some people may agree that spending some time apart and missing each other can be healthy and may just help maintain the passion and fire in the relationship.

But you still need to spice things up, especially if you are going to endure a long dry spell away from your lover. Adding some sweet things to do in a long distance relationship for a couple is always a great idea.

Looking for how to survive a long-distance relationship for men, women, boyfriend, girlfriend, or lesbian? Here are some sex tips and keys that may come in handy:

Set the Ground Rules and Be Sure You Are Both on the Same Page

The temptations of the road have taken down many promising relationships so don’t even for one minute think that yours is an exception. People who are lonely are very venerable and can easily fall into situations they may regret later.

In that case, make sure you set the ground rules before you go. Are you allowed to sleep around while you are away or are you supposed to stay monogamous and exclusive to your partner?

How about a sex toy? Should you bring it with you? All these questions must be answered, especially if you are one of those couples who are honest and open with each other about everything.

Toys Are Your Friend

So, your partner says you cannot sleep around while you are away and since you are really trying to live up to the high expectations they have of you, you have promised yourself to stay off any temptation and be back home safe.

But let’s be honest, with everything said and done, you are still a normal horny human being and at some point, you will crave that feeling.

Well, if you don’t mind using toys, then you will always be covered. Unlike what most people think, sex toys are actually not just for women. We know that many toys that you see in pop culture these days are for her, but we also have some amazing tools for men as well at Atbuz.

Sex Toys

Sex Toys

Embrace Technology in Sex Toys

While most people will carry the occasional dildo while away on a trip if you want to make things even more interesting, consider picking technologically advanced toys that you can share with your partner. It’s better to get some great sex toys like a vibrator, make masturbators, realistic penis dildos, and more before starting a long-distance friendship.

Remote-controlled sex toys, in particular, are highly recommended for long-distance couples. In essence, these toys simply ensure that your partner can be part and parcel of your intimate moments when on the road. Your lover will have the power to control the toy through Bluetooth and in essence, they will be controlling your overall sexual experience.

This kind of involvement in such an intimate thing and will no doubt have positive implications in nurturing the bond and the love that you share already.

You Have To Sext

It is also important to introduce sexting into your love life, in case you are not doing it already. The idea of sexting is actually designed for people who may be a little squeamish about using toys.

But sexting is more than just sending sexy texts to each other. You still need to incorporate a few pictures and videos as well if you can.

Try and also be open about what you both want during sexting sessions. Let your partner know what you like, what you want them to do, and how it makes you feel.

This kind of communication will make your sexting experience so memorable you will continue doing it even after you are back from the trip.

Long Distance Relationships Communicate and Stay in Touch

Sex is, of course, an integral part of any relationship, but you need to do way more than sext to maintaining a long-distance relationship. Having adult conversations and just catching up on each other will really keep that romantic torch alive.

In that case, do not let a day pass without talking. Try and mix it up a bit though. While video calls are always encouraged, even simple smartphone calls, using Skype, and texts will also work. Remember the goal here is to make sure that you are in touch as often as you can.

Mutual Masturbation on Sex Tips

It may also be a great idea to enjoy mutual masturbation sessions with just the two of you. Remember long-distance love relationships will only survive if everyone feels like there is intimacy.

Sharing such intimate moments will really go a long way. Mutual masturbation tends to work well during sexting or phone sex. However, you can do it via video call.

It is also important to make sure that this is a spur-of-the-moment thing. Do not like to have a schedule for masturbation video calls. Just turn any normal everyday conversation into a jerk the moment and that way the fire will burn even stronger.

Do not be afraid to explore strange locations for this. Who says masturbation has to be done in bed in the privacy of your bedroom? It doesn’t have to be and trying out new locations is actually encouraged.

Let Him or Her See You Naked

Yes, there is no point in calling your lover at night via FaceTime only to notice she is layered up and ready for winter.

You want to make these video calls spicy, even though they are there to share meaningful conversions together.

In that case, make sure when he calls, you slide into sexy lingerie or just let him have a field day checking out every part of your body. That kind of arousal will always keep him interested.

Love from a distance can be hard, but it just takes effort and a little commitment to make them work. The simple sex tips above will, of course, help you out in this.

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