5 Simple Tricks to Protect Ice Fishing Gear

In this guide, you are going to learn easy ways to protect and organize your fishing gear to help you get the most from your ice fishing adventure.

So, we have outlined some of the best protective tips you can utilize to help you protect your gear during ice fishing.

Remove Tackle Box Full of Spoon Lures

In ice fishing, most times, cell foam will grapple your lures and keep them from losing their luster.

To prevent this, cut some slits in the foam using a utility knife. Make it a bit smaller than the size of the lure you want to put into the slot. This will prevent it from slipping out, and enable you to throw the foam into your tackle box. It will also help you exchange it out for another on a whim.

Protect Your Fishing Rods

You’d agree with me that fishing rods are not only expensive, they are also delicate, making them one of the most valuable pieces of ice fishing gear. If you want to save your fishing rod, then you need to protect them from rain and from any other unfavorable elements.

And to do that, you need to store them in rod tubes since or soft-sided rod lockers since they offer excellent protection for storing and transporting equipment. You can easily stash it in a shack or tie it to a machine.

However, the soft-sided rod lockers are susceptible to bouncing and can easily ride around which will shorten their lifespan. So, to ensure you prevent this from happening use rags to fill up the zippered compartments on the outside of a soft-sided rod for added protection. This will keep your reels from having any contact with any hard surface or snow machine.

Fishing rods

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Pool Noodles Will Help to Protect your Electronics

The best way to effectively transport your electronics is with a five-gallon bucket. But the problem with this is that the bucket might end up shaking and moving the electronics. So what you need to do is to place a short piece of pool noodle right in the bottom of the bucket to protect your gear from moving around while transporting them. With this simple hack, you won’t break any electronics for years to come.

Protect your Flasher Unit

Flasher units are bae when it comes to ice fishing. To make sure this unit is well protected, put them in an empty, clean five-gallon bucket. This will help you hold the flasher securely and give you more room for easy transportation.

But if you feel the bucket is a bit too small, and you need more space, then try using a six or seven-gallon bucket. The added space and height the bucket provides will create more room for larger storage with much comfort.

Keep Gear Warm with a Cooler

Having a Cooler during the winter season will help in keeping your gear warm. During the winter season, you’ll be able to keep your ice fishing gear from freezing. This, of course, will prevent batteries from discharging slowly due to the cold and also protect most of your expensive electronics from malfunctioning.

A quality soft-sided cooler will surely do justice to all this since they come with a waterproof zipper to keep your gear secure and dry.

Similarly, a high-end cooler will also come in handy in preventing caught fish from freezing, thanks to their heavy insulation that keep the fish from spoiling.

Always have a Bucket

Adding a bucket to your fishing arsenal will help in a lot of ways to protect your gear and make them less noisy. Apart from the fact that they keep your gear warm and cool, they also prevent your equipment from scratching or making noise that might drive fish away.

Bring a friend Along

Do not go to ice fishing alone, even though you know the areas. While this might be a little bit off, bringing a friend along with you will help in a lot of ways.

You need to bring someone with you who will always be there in case something bad happens.

You also want to let the person you are with know where you are going and how long you plan on being gone. This will enable authorities to know where you are in case something bad happens.

Dress to Fight the Weather

Another protect measures that will protect you from catching a cold is by bringing more than what you need. This will help you dress in layers in case it is colder than expected.

You want to make sure the outer layer of your dress is waterproof to keep you warm in the snowy cold and shilling wind. Your dress code should be able to fight extremities and save you from high levels of discomfort.

Take an Ice Safety Pick

If by any reason you fall during ice fishing, a safety pick will help you get a grip on the slippery ice and prevent you from drowning. And if this happens, ensure you get into a heated area and wear dry clothes as soon as possible.

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Ice fishing during the winter months is hard on fishing gear. This season can make even your greatest ice-fishing tools less effective and can keep you from catching as much fish as you do in the summer.

But with these handy tips, you will be able to protect your gear and focus more on fishing. Following these protective hacks for ice fishing gear will ensure your fishing tools are in the right shape to help you catch more fish with less hassle.

Do you have any useful ice fishing tips you want to share with us? Please, share them in the comments.






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