5 Survival Tools That Help You With Your Bushcraft Skill of Building a Shelter!

For an outdoor adventure, you need all the skills and that will help you survive under the worst conditions! Just the skills may not work efficiently. You need to carry a good tool as well to take maximum advantage of the skill. It will help you stay ahead and survive till you get back to civilization. Even if you are not stuck, but want to enjoy the wilderness, these skills are crucial!

Many stores offer a huge collection of bushcraft knife like Perkin Knives! They will have a long list of knives for you. All you need to do is talk to their experts and find a perfect knife that will suit your needs. Bushcraft skills are numerous! One of the most crucial ones is the knowledge on how to build a shelter. For building a shelter, you will definitely need some tools! If you are carrying some materials like rope or tarp, your job shall be easier. But even if not, you need to know how to use naturally available resources and your bushcraft skills to make yourself a shelter.

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Before we delve into how you can build a shelter, and what tools you can use to build the shelter, the logical question that may arise is why and under what circumstances you may need to build the shelter. Is the skill to build a shelter using bushcraft skills and tools actually needed for outdoor enthusiasts? In reality, very much yes. Did you know, a person can live without shelter in exposed condition only for about three hours? Fact! In fact, exposure is one of the major causes of death among outdoorsmen in the wilderness.

Exposure causes hypothermia – a condition where the body temperature becomes too low. Here comes the benefit of having a shelter. It protects you from conditions like snow, rains, strong winds – in other words, any extreme weather condition that you may have to face in the outdoors.


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A survival expert knows what he or she may need for your outdoor adventure! So, they are here to present to you the tools that can help with your shelter building skills. These tools can be life-saving, especially in stressful situations! The list of tools that an expert uses for building a shelter includes:

1. Folding Shovel: Do not underestimate the power of this lightweight tool! Whether you are in hot weather or snowy surroundings, this tool can be useful for digging into the ground. Sometimes, you could just dig a depression to find shelter from wind and sun. This tool can also help in finding water by digging into the ground at the base of a hill or dry streambed.

2. Knife: A full tang bushcraft knife is a beneficial tool, especially when it comes to building a shelter. It is a versatile tool as well! The bushcraft knives are great for cutting branches and sticks! It can also be used for digging, but to limited capacity. You can also use the knives for cutting ropes and vines, which can be a crucial part of building a shelter.

3. Axe: Knives have been used for cutting wood for a long time! So, it should not come as a surprise that they are an apt tool for building a shelter. From cutting timber to larger logs, the axe can be a multipurpose tool. You just need to find one that is strong, but not heavyweight!

4. Tarpaulin: This may not be used for cutting or digging, but it can protect you from rain and wind! It can also be used for building a shelter high up in the trees. This becomes useful, especially when you are in a forested area. In the shelter, you would need protection from the cold ground. You could even wrap yourself in the tarpaulin if needed! So, make sure you carry a good amount of tarpaulin.

5. Paracord: Traditionally, bushcraft skills include the use of natural elements! Nowadays, various tools like bushcraft pocket knife and axe are being used to help you accomplish many survival tasks. One such aid is the paracord. You can create a rope with vines and plants in your surroundings, but why not carry a paracord? It can help tie logs together to build the shelter. The paracord can also be used for building the shelter high up in the trees.

If you plan to venture into the wilderness, do not forget to carry these tools! These will help you to stay safe and survive in the lap of nature. One of the best things to do in the wilderness is to use your skills to your advantage. When you have these tools, your bushcraft skills will be executed with perfection. Enjoy your outdoor adventure (and be safe!) with the complete set of tools!


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