Raw honeycomb is entirely safe to eat. When bees collect nectar from flowers, they store it in honey sacs within their bodies. When bees are in the process of storing the honey they have collected, they mix the nectar with their saliva. Bee’s saliva is made up of enzymes which degrade the sugar in the nectar into honey.

The honeycomb containing this honey is made up of several cylinders that are hexagonal in shape and these honeycombs are made from bee excrete and the waxy nature of these excretes bind the comb together. These waxy honeycombs are then processed through crushing so as to retrieve the liquid honey sold in stores. However, there is the huge number of stores and farmers that are now selling the combs. There are various ways that you can use honeycombs whether you are a farmer or you want to use it for household purposes.


As a new farmer, you can increase the production of honey by reusing the combs that you have collected while extracting honey. During harvesting of honey, once you open the combs, you can return them to the hive once you have extracted all the liquid honey. This will, therefore, allow the bees to make more honey as they are spared of the time that they would have used to first make new honeycombs for storage.

If you are a farmer and you want to increase the quantity of honey you collect during the next visit, do not throw away combs but return them to the hive to save time for bees to produce more honey.

Raw honeycombs are also very useful to cosmetic production firms as they can be used as ingredients. Some of the products where the combs are of effective use include body creams and body lotions. This is because as an ingredient in these products, these combs act as very effective and useful sunscreens that protect the skin against too much sun. The creams and lotions made from the combs also give the skin a soft texture. Some very effective lipsticks and makeup products are also made from honeycombs as the ingredient does not impose any kind of harm to the skin.

Another way that you can use this product from bees is using it as a coating to leather and wood products since it acts as a protective layer. Once the extracted combs are washed, melt and compress them and shape them into a block like that of soap. The block is then rubbed onto leather shoes and leather jackets to act as a protective layer. The product can also be used to make furniture wax for wood products. Mixing melted honeycombs, melted carnauba wax and mineral spirits will form a semisolid mixture that is left to cool. Once this mixture is rubbed into wood furniture, it acts as a protective coating.

Honeycombs are made from waxy excretes of the bees. It is this waxy nature that makes the product ideal for the manufacture of candles. The honeycombs are melted so that the pure wax can be separated from impurities. The melted wax is then molded into candles. Candles that are made from this product are long lasting as they burn longer than those made from paraffin.

This product is also very useful in household chores. When the wax extracted from the product is melted or the comb itself is compressed, one can easily rub it on rails of drawers or rails of cabinets. It hence forms a type of grease that will enable the rails to open easily. As a form of lubrication, the product can also be used to loosen tight or rusted bolts and nuts around the house. If you have a frayed rope that needs loosening, melted wax or melted and compressed honeycombs can help with this too.

This product is widely known because of its wide range of nutritional benefits. This is because the combs are made of pure wax whose nutritional benefits are numerous. This product can help in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and increasing the levels of good cholesterol. This is because the product contains long chains of fatty acids and alcohol responsible for high levels of good cholesterol. The alcohol contained in the combs also acts as an oxidant. As a result of this, the product is very beneficial to the liver and hence greatly helps in better functioning of the liver. This makes raw honey combs very useful to our health.

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