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Different types of hunting knives and they are using

A high-quality hunting knife is one of the most important tools for all hunters. When it comes to hunting, hunting knives can be very useful as it can be used not only for the hunting purposes of the animals and preparing the game but it is useful for other purposes too like cutting the branches of the trees. To make your hunting experience more interesting, this is imperative that the hunting knife you choose is enough sharp and uses the right type of blade. Your selection process can be very confusing as there are so many verities are available in the market.

Types of the knives and its uses:

Fixed blade knives:

These are quite popular types among the hunters that very sturdy and simple. The blades extend all the way to the handle. These are much durable and stronger than the folding types of hunting knives. They are much easier to clean. They are perfectly suitable for any type of hunting game and they are suitable for larger animals. Fixed blades types have no moving parts and they are not foldable. You can carry them safely inside the sheath or can attach to your belt.


These types of items are very much compact in design and can be folded when they are not in use. The folding feature offers a specific safety element that you don’t get normally as you are using the fixed blade types. They are not as much durable and strong as the fixed types but they are lightweight and easy to carry for the hunters. Some of the folding types come with various types of blades that can be used for separate work according to your necessity.


These are more compact in design and can be folded and can use for different tasks related to hunting like gutting the game, skinning and also for cutting the ropes and branches of trees. Some of the pocket knives are equipped with the other tools like corkscrews, scissors, and the bottle openers.

Lockback folding

These are small in size and best for versatile use. It comes with the locking action that holds the blades in proper place as they are open. This feature can prevent the knife from closing and injure the hands of the user while they are gutting and skinning the game.

Before selecting a hunting knife, you need to figure out first how you are going to use your knives and if they are perfect to serve your purposes.

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