How To Ace Promotional Product Marketing

Promotional product marketing is a great way to advertise your brand and stay in the minds of your customers for a long time. A keychain with your logo will remind them of you each time they pick up the keys. Or maybe a mug with your company name and logo will remind them of you each time they are having a cup of coffee in it. Promotional products are a really popular marketing strategy. They do a really great job of brand recall and creating a relationship beyond business with the client.

So before we get into how to succeed in promotional product marketing, let us first understand why you should do promotional product marketing.


Of course, where there is marketing, there is branding. Products like promotional keyrings, mugs, calendars, and more, are used by the recipients for a long time. They are exposed to the recipient and those around him/ her which will increase the brand recall for your company. The more the recipient will see and use your promotional product, the more he/ she will be reminded of your company, its products, and services which means the recipient will be more likely to avail of your service or buy your products.

Shape Customer Opinion and Impression

Everyone and anyone would like to receive something nice for free. So when your promotional product reaches a recipient, it makes him/ her happy and this means a positive note for your company. Your company will be remembered by the recipient in a good way and each time your promotional product is used, your good impression will prompt the recipient to purchase your product or avail of your service, if they need to.

More Impact Than Other Forms Of Advertising

Advertising on radio shows, television, print ads, etc. is more easily forgotten and can cost a lot for just one ad. Promotional product marketing will bring you a much greater return on investment than other forms of advertising or marketing. The promotional product will cost you less per impression and can last with a recipient for years and is also exposed to the recipients’ friends, family, etc. Hence, leaving a greater impact.

The range of Promotional Products

There is a range of promotional products available. You can keep changing the products you want to give for your promotional product marketing. There are many stores that have a diverse range of promotional items in the UK or France and you can choose some unique items that suit your company.

Now that you’ve understood why promotional product marketing is a good idea for your business. Let us look at how you can master product promotional marketing and ace this one.

Promote them on your website

Promotional products don’t just have to be given in person at trade fairs, exhibitions, etc. They can and should be given and be available on your website as well. In today’s day and age, where everything is going digital, it’s important that your promotional products find a place in your digital presence as well. So give away your promotional products in attractive deals and purchases like a free mug with some amount of minimum purchase or make it a free product along with the sign-up for your newsletter. This strategy will not only increase your sales but also increase your customer database.

Promotional Products at your store and offices

Why wait for the website or in-person events to leave an impression? You can hand out some promotional products at your store locations and offices too. You can tie these up with minimum purchase deals or feedback forms so that when the recipient returns home, a memory of your organization is still there. It will make the recipient recall his/ her experience at your store, reminding him/ her to avail of your service or purchase your product whenever there is a need for it next.

Know Your Target Audience Well

No point in handing out promotional products that are not useful or suitable to your target audience. For this, it is important to ensure that your promotional products are used by the target audience and not just considered waste. If you have a diverse target audience, then your range of promotional products should also be diverse.

Give discount codes or coupons

How about giving some discount or coupon codes along with your promotional products? It is a great way to get the customers to check out your product range or services and purchase something for a great deal you’re providing.

Don’t compromise on quality

The quality of your promotional products will say a lot about the quality of your products and services. So if you boast about good quality products and efficient services, then your promotional products should tell the same. Even though, promotional products are just doing the job of marketing your company they should still be of good quality because this is going to act like a representative of your company.

Get Unique Promotional Products

Generic products like pens, stress balls, etc. have become too common. Try and get something unique for your promotional product marketing. Get something that will leave a good impression and the customer will be a little surprised by it too. Generic products, more often than not, end up in the trash.

Be Subtle In your product marketing

A mug with your logo printed multiple times or a notebook with your motto printed on every page is what is called, overdoing it. Don’t overdo the product with your company message because that is sure to end up in the trash. Your recipient is not the brand ambassador of your company, so don’t make them feel like one with your promotional products.


Promotional product marketing, if done smartly and intelligently, can be a great way to make an impression on your prospective clients and those around them. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive and impactful means of advertising and marketing, you should definitely try this one out.


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