How to Choose the Right Toys for your Dog

How to Choose the Right Toys for your Dog

We all wish we had enough playtime with our puppies, as for them, there never really is! Providing for our pups can sometimes mean sacrificing our quality of time together, with the right toys, you won’t need to. As humans, we love to challenge ourselves, whether it’s crosswords, puzzles, or simply working out change for the dog-sitter. Our furry friends have that desire too, every day they show us how truly intelligent they are. They demonstrate understanding, instinct, and a need for routine. We can enrich their daily life with something as trivial as a toy, here’s how.

How to Choose the Right Toys for your Dog

Types of dog toys

When it comes to enrichment, the right toys will make sure that you and your dog are always covered, every single day. The right range of toys means you and your pet have your pick of the litter. From new noses to seasoned sniffers, there are plenty of options out there to stimulate their senses. Meet your dog’s new tasty toys. Practical yet pretty, Snuffle Mats even have advanced versions for your playmate to forage through to. Toys are a great way to strengthen their gums whilst they have fun, stuff it with snacks they can chew to get to.

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With suction suitable for all over your home, a stylish silicone Lick Mat is able to slow down food consumption improving digestion, teaching your pooch that all good things come to those who wait. Give it a smattering of peanut butter, coconut oil, or some puréed veg and watch it work its magic. Casting a spell over your hound during any unwanted grooming, you’ll find your dog will need a lot less convincing when it comes to bath time with this toy in the tub.

Toys for your Dog

Toys for your Dog

Finding your furry friend isn’t as food motivated? No problem! Save the snacks, reward them with a game of tug of war, with a majorly motivating Tug Toy. Keeping one hand on the rope, the other is free to get on with the more complicated parts of life. Getting a grasp on playtime with your bestie is easier than ever with the right toy on its side. Perfect for alternative training rewards, the Tug Toy will keep you prepared for any treat-less situations.

How to Choose the Right Toys for the Dog

How to Choose the Right Toys for the Dog

How to shop for dog toys

Know your materials, research any toys before purchasing to ensure safe play. Keep an eye out for any toxic materials or design flaws that can put your loved one in harm’s way. Once you’ve established what’s the good stuff, think about how your dog will adapt to this new gadget. Are they teething? Go for a non-toxic rubber they can really chew into. Are they prone to making a mess? Go for a rinsable silicon design to save the hassle. Are they nervous eaters? Go for a nice plush fleece material they can snuffle through.

We then go from thinking about who your dog is, to what your dog is. Breed and size can have a huge factor on what toys will be the most suitable, we don’t want the little ones to get all excited about a toy that they can’t fit in their mouths! To make sure you’re not biting off more than you can chew, be sure to check the dimensions listed in the description for the toy that you have your eye on.

Who said dog toys couldn’t be decorative? Stylish toys are vibrant and joyful, with textures to keep them interesting for dog’s mouths and pleasing for our eyes, bringing brightness into the home. Beautifully designed toys add decoration rather than something else you need to declutter. Finally, you’ve found yourself something as pretty as your pet.

Conclusion for How to Choose the Right Toys for your Dog

Getting the best for your best friend is a breeze when you take the time to look into the bits and pieces that you are shopping for. Take care of your dog’s safety so you can be confident in your playtime purchases. From long snoots to short snouts, and from young pups to old-timers, there’s a toy for everyone. Though we have human stuff to get on with, they’ve got plenty of time to do dog things – let’s give them the best tools to do it, with educational and entertaining toys. They do so much for us every day, say thank you in a language they understand – all that’s left is to choose a toy!


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