Dog Grooming: How To Make Your Pup Like Them

Dog Grooming

Not every pup likes grooming. If yours happen to be one, good on you!

For those of us whose pup dreads going to the groomers, here are some tips that can help make the whole process less of a struggle, and more of enjoyment -both for your pet and yourself!

Familiarization with the Environment

So, most dogs tend to get a little nervous (more for some) when they are placed in a new environment. The sight, sound, and smell at the groomers, in particular, maybe a source of apprehension that makes them fearful.

To overcome this, let your dog explore the grooming place first. If this is a dog daycare center, let it roam about sniffing around for a while. If possible, do not let it get grooming immediately until at least 2-3 visits later.

In the meantime, introduce your pup to the groomer during your visits. Show it the equipment that will be used and let it hear the sound made by electric trimmers/nail grinders. These will give it anchors for its senses and let it get familiar with the sounds involved.

All these will eventually ease your pet into the grooming process.

Timed the Appointment

Play with your dog, take it for a walk before its grooming appointment. The reasoning behind this is similar to the above – to get your dog in a calm and relaxed state before each grooming session.

You see, a dog with pent up energy tends to have a particularly heightened sense of stimulation and they get more stressed and anxious than say, a physically and mentally relaxed dog.

So play with your pup, exert it from energy, and your dog will squirm and fuss less when being groomed.

Take Occasional Breaks

As your pet’s owner, you should be able to read your pet’s signs/needs well. So be there while it gets groomed and identifies its cues to see when it needs a break, or simply cannot take it anymore.

This actually has got a lot to do with the dog daycare/groomer you choose. A good groomer will know when to stop so as not to further agitate your pup even without your presence. They will know when it is that your pet really cannot take it anymore and they will stop.

Likewise, an experienced dog groomer will know when it’s okay to push. S/he will know when to take breaks occasionally so that your dog can take breathers from the process and they will be able to identify any distress sign a dog shows.

So while you can do all your part above, choosing a dog grooming professional is equally as important a step because you’d want your pup to link the groomers with calmness and trust so as to build up their enjoyment of the whole grooming process.


So yes, a dog’s interest in grooming can be slowly trained and built up. It can even be an enjoyable routine that they will come to love down the road. Choose a groomer that focuses on creating a nurturing environment and the process will be an enjoyable one to both pup and owner. Happy grooming!



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