CÓRDOBA, Argentina, — Petrushka Nature, a newly created YouTube channel

CÓRDOBA, Argentina, — Petrushka Nature, a newly created YouTube channel run by Argentine video editor Nicolás Halaban, is on a mission to deliver content blending wildlife stock footage with classical music pieces in a beautiful collection of videos the channel has released (You can enjoy Petrushka Nature here: https://www.youtube.com/@petrushka.nature). Its most ambitious project to date has been ‘Petrushka Underwater’, a colorful 7-minute ‘ocean ballet’ mixing Stravinsky’s Petrushka (Act I) and stock footage of sea creatures of all kinds.

Petrushka Nature, a media project created by Nicolás Halaban focused on delivering wildlife-related content. Image from Prnewswire.com

Mighty sharks appearing on screen under the sound of drum bass, dolphins swimming to a flute melody, or stingrays moving swiftly as the violin notes play are some of the many scenes that will delight the audience of this short film. Halaban has done a titanic job assembling all those clips from different sources, mixing them with Stravinsky’s music, and turning it all into one coherent, huge piece of multimedia.

At a time when both classical music and wildlife are quickly waning, this project is a breath of fresh air for the fostering of both. For all this, Petrushka Nature should be given a shot: It makes sense to stop for a few minutes to appreciate in a different light what is still left of these majestic kingdoms. And sigh in awe when faced with their beauty and power.


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