Muscular Pitbull, How To Make Your Pitbull Muscular

Pitbull to Gain Muscles

Muscular Pitbull, How To Make Your Pitbull Muscular

Pitbulls belong in the strongest and most feared breeds of dogs. Most Pitbull is genetically large and rock-solid, vicious beings. But, that is not the only thing you want to see in your bullies as an owner. A healthy and muscled look even suits them even better.

Are you looking for “how to make my pitbull muscular“? Continue read to learn how to make pitbull muscular in just a few steps.

Train your Pitbull is very important to avoid your dog bites someone or something from your house. If you are here, then I assume you to be one of those owners who want his Pitbull gaining some muscles. So, you are right where you can learn the right techniques and steps to get started with. Let’s dig into a little more detail.

Important Factors to Consider for how to make your pitbull muscular

To get a muscular pitbull, there are three key factors that play major roles in muscle gaining of Pitbull or any other breeds of dogs in fact—

1. Nutrition—Just like humans, muscular Pitbulls also do need special nutrients for building up some muscles. Selection of the right nutrients and protein-enriched foods is a MUST if you want your Pitbulls to get really muscular. Proper nutritious food for Pitbull’s muscle gaining basically contains a high amount of protein, moderate to a higher amount of fats, and little amount of carbs with necessary vitamins.

2. Exercise on how to get your pitbull muscular—A desired muscular body is achieved through training your muscles through regular exercise with consistency. Just like us, Pitbulls as well need a regular exercise routine to build up some muscles besides of their diet. As owners and trainers, it can get tiring and hard, but you should also make up your mind to exercise with your bullies.

3. Genetics—Well, you heard it right! The amount of muscles and the kind of physical definition your dogs are supposed to have depends much on the breed and genetics of a dog. Pitbulls in general are strong canines, so building up a muscular body shouldn’t be so hard with your Pitbulls. But if you are really determined to be the owner of a massive muscular bull, then the best you can do is to make sure your dog comes from parents with good genes.

Steps to Make Your Pitbull Gain Some Muscles

Step 1— Proper Diet Plan and Feeding Ragtime

Building body muscle mostly depends on diet and then exercise. Experts say that 80% of body muscles is built by proper diet and the rest 20% depends on the workout session that every individual does.

The same goes for dogs. There is plenty of protein-enriched dog foods and supplements on the market. But specifically for muscular Pitbulls’, you should be strategic when it comes to selecting the right food for them. If you are planning on a no-exercise muscle buildup, then you should choose a meal consisting of 40% Protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fats along with vitamins and water components.

How to get pitbull muscular

But since many of the bull owners want to get a defined muscular pitbull body, they would definitely go for a proper diet plan combined with a good exercising routine. In that case, you should definitely opt for dog foods consisting of 40-50% of Protein, 30-40% fat, and 10-20% carbs. Higher protein helps to build the pitbull muscles, whereas fat gives strength for dealing with the workout aftereffects.

A proper diet is both about choosing the right nutritious elements and a healthy schedule. The food timing for pitbull muscle builder dogs is quite different from normal dogs. Following the best food routine, for your Pit bulls to gain muscles, you should split up their meals into 6 sessions each day. This way their body will be adapted to an anabolic muscle-building state which will help you get the best result. Through these sessions, you can combine both homemade foods with your selected dog foods.

Bad Bulldog

Bad Bulldog

Step 2— Make and Follow an Exercise Routine for Muscular Pitbull

Though diet plays a bigger role in the muscle-building of your dogs, exercising your dogs is important to get more defined muscles and increasing their strength. Make your dog’s exercise routine with weight pulling, spring pole jumps, running up hills, and such exercises to tone up their muscles to get prepared to rebuild them in better shape.

The first few days these workouts will be best to make them stronger and prepared for the second challenge which is repair and rebuilds. While weight pulling and similar exercises will break the muscles, a properly nutritious diet and a little rest will make help them repair their muscles. Meanwhile, get them started with exercises such as flirt poles, weight vests, weight sleds to rebuild muscles in better shape.

Step 3— High-Intensity Cardio Training to Get Muscular Pitbull

Unlike humans, dogs don’t need a long period of walks or other cardio activities to gain some muscles. This will rather tone up their muscles and make them weaker instead of muscle building. But this doesn’t mean that you should avoid cardio training for your Pitbull’s muscle building.

How to train your pitbull

Cardio training is very essential for muscle building in your bullies. But choosing the right type of cardio training is the key here. Rather opt for high-intensity cardio workouts such as sprints, short time running hills, running up bleachers, and cardio like these.

Make sure the high-intensity cardio workout session doesn’t exceed 10-15 minutes. At the first practice, these exercises on alter days. Once your bellies get used to it, then practice every day. You can put on up a weight vest if your dog is okay with it. Combining weight training with cardio will help them rebuild and shape their muscles.

However, remember that there are no hard and fast rules to set a strict diet and exercise plan. We only hope to reveal the basic ideas on diet nutrition and workout plan for your Pitbull to gain muscles and make your pitbulls bigger. But depending on the health condition, age, and genetic structure of your dog, it is your job to decide the right amount of food and the balanced volume of workout.

Be attentive to your dog’s reactions and happiness above all. Hope you will have your loyal and vicious fellow become healthier, muscular, and happier.

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