Can You Give Your Dog CBD Oil? What To Know Before You Do

Can You Give Your Dog CBD Oil

With more and more people looking to treat conditions their dog may have with natural ingredients like coconut oil, it makes sense that CBD oil would be among them. After all, it is known to help with a lot of conditions from chronic pain to anxiety.

But, that is for humans. What about your dog? Can they use CBD oil the same way and see some benefits?

First, let’s explore what CBD actually is. It is cannabidiol derived from the hemp plant which is often confused with marijuana. It is not a psychoactive drug like marijuana and is safe to use. It can be taken in the form of an oil, a pill, or even edibles like dog treats. You can learn more about CBD there to get the full rundown.

In this article, I will go over several ways that you can use CBD to help your pet.

Chronic pain

Cannabidiol like CBD oil is often used for chronic pain in people but can also help your dog. The compound binds to endocannabinoid receptors in the skin which sends a signal to the brain to numb that area.

This works wonders for achy joints and muscles. If your dog is older and is starting to feel the effects of arthritis then CBD oil used directly on the painful area can work wonders.

It can also be very effective when taken orally in the form of a treat, or used as an oil and added to their food.


 A dog with mange suffers from itching, discomfort, and even pain. It is like psoriasis in humans and can reduce their quality of life significantly. It is caused by a mite so there are a number of shampoos to use to get rid of it.

When you also use a CBD oil on the affected area, it can reduce the swelling and discomfort since it is a very effective anti-inflammatory. Though it can’t get rid of the mange on its own, it can help your pup feel a lot of relief while it is being treated.

Lack of appetite

Sometimes dogs will end up losing their appetite and losing weight as a result. Whatever the reason for the loss of appetite, a CBD oil can help them gain it back.

It can also treat nausea so if they have an appetite but can’t keep food down then the CBD oil can also help there.

Is it safe to give dogs CBD?

It is unsafe to give dogs THC, but since CBD is not the same thing, it is safe to give to dogs. Of course, you should first consult your vet as there may be a reason to not give your dog any CBD.

Also, you don’t really know how your dog will react to the CBD or what dose is going to be best, so make sure that if you do plan to use CBD to treat your dog that you do so under the supervision of the vet.


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