Tampa Fishing Charters and Tampa Fishing Guides

Tampa Fishing Charters

Tampa Fishing Charters. Tampa bay in Florida has always been considered one of the best places for anglers to go when looking for the best inshore fishing opportunities. The waters of this region are teeming with prized fish species like Tarpon, Redfish, and Snook, which are available all throughout the year. Smaller shark species are available for anglers to pass the time within between the larger catches.

In fact, anglers can always count on Tampa’s flats to yield an abundance of fish species all throughout the year, and it’s unheard of for anyone to come back from these waters without catching anything. It’s a very satisfying and rewarding place for anglers.

If you’re planning a trip here anytime soon, you’ll want to read the following Tampa Fishing Guides so you know what to expect and where to start.

What is Tampa Known For and Tampa Fishing Charters

Tampa’s waters along the Gulf of Mexico are famous for being “the” destination for year-round fishing. It doesn’t matter what time of year you decide to visit this sunny bay numerous oyster bars, you’re bound to catch something.

This can be attributed to the fact that dozens of rivers fed into the sugar sand beaches and the fact that it has acres upon acres of shallow grass flats. That’s why Tampa fishing charters are a favorite among anglers, both novice and seasoned.

But, what truly sets this part of the world apart from other fishing spots is the fact that you get to experience top-level inshore gaming fishing- first hand! The Snook are probably some of the most challenging fish to catch, yet they’re available in abundance here. But, you may have to put in some work to reel them in, because Tampa’s waters harbor some of the largest game fish in the country.

Probably the best time to fish for a Snook is during balmy summer evenings, particularly from the Port Manatee channel. As for Redfish, they tend to frequent underwater structures, mangroves and flats a lot, are known to put up a fight if you happen to hook one. If you do hook a Redfish, consider yourself lucky because this fish species seems to have adapted to a life of being constantly hunted, and are thus more savvy and slippery than most.

Whatever you do, make sure to catch some Trout, which is delicious at any time of year. Trout fish can be found in Tampa’s shallow flats which makes them easier to catch and you can cook them up straight after for a bountiful dinner. Other scrumptious fish species that inhabit shallow flats alongside trout include flatfish Flounder and Sheepshead.

The Flounder will probably become your first catch since they tend to inhabit the edge of the shore. You’ll often find them navigating through inlets and water passes, or among shipwrecks and close to reefs. Their constant companions, the Sheepshead species, are eager nibblers, especially during winter.

Of all the species you’ll hook while enjoying one of the many Tampa fishing charters, you’ll probably have the most fun with Tarpon. From May to Jun the travel from the south and can be found swimming beneath the bridge alongside Spanish Mackerel, which has more of an aggressive nature by comparison.

Feel like going offshore? Be sure to take a deep-sea fishing charter that’ll take you to Mahi-Mahi, Blackfin Tuna, and Wahoo. However, some of the best fishing spots are located off the coast, where you’ll find plenty of small Sharks, Amberjack, Cobia, Triggerfish, Snapper, Permit, Hogfish, Sailfish, and King Mackerel.

However, Tampa fishing charters have more to offer other than a collection of saltwater fish. You can venture further inland to the region’s rivers and lakes where you’ll find plenty of rare Largemouth Bass and Tarpon. Alternatively, have some fun for the day and take it easy at some of the fishing piers.

If you’re not sure which fish species to look out for, rest assured that Tampa fishing charters offer all the fish that swim along the Gulf of Mexico.

Tampa Fishing Charters and Guides

Tampa Fishing Charters and Guides. Image via Captainmikegore.com


You don’t really need a fishing license to angle in Tampa Bay, as long as you’re in a Fishing guide Tampa party boat or charter boat. Just make sure your captain has a legitimate charter captain or boat captain license.

Fishing Types

Tampa fishing charters often start with some crankbait, live bait and casting jigs, particularly around the many bay bridges on the coast. Here, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of Mangrove Snapper, whose stomping grounds include rock piles, seawalls, and docks.

Tampa boasts many different types of charter boats that cater to different parties. Whether you want to create new memories with your family and friends or get your team bonding over a corporate outing, there are numerous packages to choose from.

You can catch Tarpon, Trout, Snook, Spanish Mackerel, Sheepshead, and redfish to your heart’s desire. Bottom fish include Amberjack, Snapper, and Grouper while offshore fishing yields plenty of Mahi-Mahi and Wahoo.

A Quick Tampa Fishing Guides

Tampa offers dozens of fishing charters that are dedicated to targeting different kinds of fish, including grouper, sharks, redfish, snapper, snook, and tarpon to name but a few. You can charter a boat for flats fishing, guided fly fishing, deep-sea fishing, inshore fishing and other specific fishing categories such as bow fishing.

The best part is that chartered trips are 100% private and allow you to target specific fish that frequent Tampa’s waters at specific seasons of the year. Or, you could go for perennial species that are around all year round.

For those looking to angle for sport, you can look forward to a lot of Tarpon that’ll challenge you with their bait-stealing acrobatics and make you work for your meal. It’s definitely a catch that you can be proud of, knowing that you really had to do the most to catch it.


Tampa fishing charters and Tampa fishing guides are some of the best in the world because they offer a wide range of fish species and charter packages.

Whether you want to establish a year-round tradition with your son or are looking for a unique and creative activity for your next corporate team-building trip, Tampa fishing charters are an excellent option.

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