How To Physically Inspect A Second Hand Phone

How To Physically Inspect A Second Hand Phone

After you have verified that a phone is not fake or stolen, it is time for you to use your spying skills and do some deeper digging into the condition of the used table or smartphone. This may sound a bit elementary, but it is important.

How To Physically Inspect A Second Hand Phone

It might sound very basic, but consumers often forget or fail to invest enough time to visually inspect a used phone from every angle.

It isn’t that every single second-hand phone out there needs to be repaired or is faulty. However, there are so many of them that are available in different brick and mortar stores, and physically inspecting them is one of the most effective and easiest ways to determine their current condition. Even if you are purchasing a second-hand phone online, it is an absolute must to ask the seller for a physical demonstration to ensure it is in good condition. Buy from the surplus database to be sure that you are getting a good quality phone.

Inspect the used phone from all angles in order to detect any bruised and broken edges or dents. If there is a keypad on the device, then check for any broken keys. Check to make sure that the physical keys are in good working condition. Randomly press a couple of keys to make sure they click well and if you can easily navigate and type. For a mobile phone that has a touchscreen, check out the sensitivity and functionality of the touch of the phone by running your fingers over the screen and tap a couple of apps and menus to get a good feeling of the ease of navigation and response time.

Before you buy a mobile phone check every feature.

Fine scratches are not always obvious when viewed on a superficial basis. However, when the screen on the phone is lit up they are more prominent and visible. Therefore, you need to ensure that you always turn a second-hand phone on to see if there are any subtle cracks that are going to show up as bright lines on a phone’s well-lit display or appear as backlight bleeding.

Keep in mind if there are too many cracks and scratches on a phone it can indicate that the phone has been dropped frequently which may be something to be concerned about since it can indicate the phone has sustained internal damage due to being dropped multiple times.

In addition to falls, another common form of damage that mobile phones incur is water damage. To ensure that the phone has not been subjected to water damage, carefully inspect its battery and the charging ports. If you are buying a phone that has a non-removable battery, check the water damage indicator on the SIM card slot since that is where the indicator is on most unibody phones.

If there is a removable battery on the phone, turn the device off, take off the black flap and then remove the battery and quickly inspect it for any obvious damage or visible bulges. Check out the color of the charging ports and the sticker that is located below or on the battery or on the back part of the phone. If the ports show any discoloration or the color of the sticker has changed from white to pink or red, that could indicate internal damage caused by liquid leaks that can result in the internal elements of the phone slowly corroding

Sending a quick text or outbound call will allow you to verify that the second-hand mobile phone’s speaker and mic are working properly. Finally, take the time to click on a couple of selfies and phones to ensure that the rear and front cameras on the mobile phone are in good working condition.


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