Top 3 Covers For Your iPhone X

Your iPhone X is probably your most prized possession. You wouldn’t want to spoil its look and finish by exposing it to dust and dirt. Also, don’t want your slippery hands to cause damage to the phone by dropping it. And certainly would want to protect it as well as possible.

Given below are a few extremely well-crafted iPhone cell phone cases & covers for you to select from. These great cell phone cases come directly from the best seller on

iPhone X Leather Folio

This cell phone case is available in many attractive colors to suit your mobile phone. This phone case is crafted with skill from specially tanned and finished European leather. The inside is finished with microfiber lining for more protection. The leather is good for a secure grip.

You can wake your iPhone by opening the case and put it to sleep by closing the case. The iPhone X Leather Folio case has space for your credit cards, bills, and small notes. What is even more convenient is that you don’t have to remove it for wireless charging. This case exists with red color.

iPhone X Leather Case

If you don’t want to add bulk to your favorite phone you can choose this elegant case that is available in a range of attractive colors. This European leather case is so comfortable to hold in your hands. The cuts are just right for easy access to the buttons. The lip of the case protects your screen if you put the phone face down. One of the most beautiful iPhone cell phone cases & covers, this one is the best leather phone cover. You can do wireless charging with this on your phone.

Top 3 Covers For Your iPhone X


Belkin Fitness Armband

This one is for fitness lovers. The ultra-thin lycra straps are breathable and securely. This case for your iPhone X offers easy access to your phone buttons. You can click a photo or change your songs easily. The armband is easy to put on and take off and provides added security to prevent dropping. They are sweat-resistant and can be washed by hand easily.

The case for the phone is rigid and offers a secure grip while the inside is padded for cushioning against your skin. The lycra strap goes through a metal loop to tighten enough to hug your arm tightly. This armband provides a secure hold while not being bulky.


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