Helpful Car Care and Maintenance Tips

Helpful Car Care and Maintenance Tips

Buying a car is a huge financial investment! It takes great care and maintenance for the car to serve its purpose for the long haul. Unfortunately, many car owners tend to ignore basic maintenance practices that would increase the shelf life of their vehicles. 

You don’t want to be part of this cluster! There are a couple of things you can do to keep your car in good health and save yourself hundreds of dollars in repair costs. In this post, we consider useful care and maintenance tips for your car. 

Inspect and Maintain the Tires

It’s important to make sure that your car is rolling on tires with the right pressure level. For this, you want to keep your car tires inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended PSI at all times as it helps to reduce wear. You can find this information in the user manual. 

Another thing that should worry you about the state of your car tires is uneven wear. This may happen as a result of driving on inadequately inflated tires. Alternatively, it could point to an even bigger problem, including worn-out brakes/shock absorbers or a bent wheel.

This should compel you to take your car to the auto repair shop for a wheel realignment. A wrongly aligned wheel not only results in steering problems but also reduces the durability of your tires.

Regularly Change the Oil

Make a habit of routinely inspecting and changing your vehicle’s engine oil whenever necessary as it allows the engine to run optimally. It is recommended to check the oil every month as suggested in the owner’s manual.  

This is something you can DIY for those with basic mechanical knowledge or take your car to the service center and leave it to the professionals. If you choose to opt for the former, then you should learn the steps involved in draining the old fluid and setting the appropriate oil level. 

When it comes to changing your engine oil, be sure to find a type in the market that’s best for your vehicle. In short, three things will prove essential when doing this; the viscosity of the oil, synthetic vs, non-synthetic oil products, and the mileage on your car. 

Keep Your Car Clean

Your vehicle gets subjected to all sorts of elements whenever you take it out for a spin. From the sun and rain to dust and road salt; all these can contribute to the deterioration of your car’s health. 

Unadulterated exposure can lead to rust and corrosion on the metallic components, as well as chipping off of the paint job. The same is true for bird droppings when left on the car for too long. As such, you should wash your car regularly, especially after a long trip,

Whether you do this at home or take it to the car wash, remember to get to all areas of the car, both inside and outside. However, you should note that different areas have different ways of cleaning. Visit for more about this. 

Check the Lights

A burnt-out or broken light is a major safety hazard. If you don’t get a ticket from the cops, you might just end up in a collision. Make sure all the lights in your car are functioning normally; from the headlights and rear lights to hazard and interior lights. 

In case any of these burn out or break, find a technician to conduct the replacements as soon as possible. Car lights are an important safety feature that you can’t do without when driving. 

Additionally, you want to ensure the lights are shining at the required level of brightness. 

Take Your Car for Service

You can’t conduct a comprehensive checkup of your vehicle at home; sometimes, you need to leave it to the professionals. It is advisable to take your vehicle to the car repair shop every once in a while. 

Any problems and faults that you couldn’t diagnose at home will be figured out and repaired by the technicians as needed. Furthermore, a competent repair shop should be able to diagnose any issues in the core components of the car such as the alternator and wheel bearings. 

Ultimately, they’ll ensure your car is well-tuned up so that it leaves the shop in the best shape possible! 


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