Best 15 Methods to Help You Find The Hunting Crossbow

Hunting is an amazing sporting activity for both the hobbyist and hunters who depend on hunting for food. Hunting, however, requires special techniques and tools that will enhance its success. While there are various tools used in hunting. Crossbow is one of the powerful weapons used and due to its outstanding features hunting has been enhanced. Crossbow hunting is much easier compared to rifle hunting; though there are several helpful tips that every neophyte yearns to understand how to use such a sensitive gadget must learn.

Whether you are a new hunter or an old gig who is shifting from using other hunting equipment to crossbow, you will need to learn the critical details about this weapon such as how to load the equipment, which is best type of crossbow that suits your needs, using the trigger and bow perfectly, the care and use of the crossbow, and most important the an ethical manner when hunting. Without any doubt, hunting using a crossbow is accurate, fast, clean and a very powerful method of hunting. There is no way you can escape from using these weapons while hunting big – game animals such as bear, deer, and moose, cougars, Barbary and bighorn sheep.

However, using these hunting tools at a times requires taking a comprehensive short course; though, with this blog, you may not require it. Taking the crossbow short course will expose you to great opportunities concerning precautionary safety measures to take while using a crossbow of your choice, ethically hunting, safety measures and above all, basic knowledge on the use of arrows and crossbow. Here is a list of some of the most important methods and tips that will guarantee you to find the best crossbow for hunting. These methods will make your hunting trips more productive and fun than ever before.

1. Have a vivid understanding of the law

Rules and regulations governing Hunting are a bit tricky to understand especially when crossbows are added into the mix as they vary from country to country. When the law permits the use of a crossbow, check if there are any restrictions concerning the equipment. Make sure you find out the required equipment specifications that are allowed to be used and at which level a person is permitted to use them. For instance, there are states which define the minimum and maximum pull weight of a crossbow that can be used up to some certain level not exceeding set calibrations. Therefore, having a tangible knowledge about hunting is very crucial as it will help in finding best crossbows to use in conjunction with the law.

2. Safe Cocking Techniques (Cocking safety)

Some Crossbow models do possess an automatic safety while others lack. When a crossbow is perfectly cocked, you may be needed to calibrate the safety measures manually. However, as you keep practicing shooting, you will discover that most of the crossbow have similar features when it comes to loading techniques cocking of the equipment by placing the foot stirrup firmly on the ground on firing. When pulling one string greater than the other, the strings move off-center thereby affecting the firing accuracy. In automatic safety crossbows, cocking has been made easier. Whichever the case, precautionary safety must be set to ensure that you will release an arrow by accident. Surely, there is no way you will be able to find the best hunting crossbow without putting cocking safety into consideration.

3. Getting to know the velocity of the crossbow

Do you need a very fast, relatively fast or slow crossbow? Definitely, the choice is yours, right! This is what you need to know; a faster crossbow has a longer power stroke. The length of the power stroke is directly proportional to the velocity of the arrow you shoot when you hold the trigger of these sporting tools. Amazingly, some crossbows have long power strokes and they can shoot up to 450 feet per second. However, you have to know that an arrow’s weight has a direct impact on the velocity of the arrow’s displacement when fired.

When light arrows are used with a crossbow that has a stroke of about 450 feet per second, the arrow will have a rapid speed and this it will accelerate at a lightning speed. Speed will vary depending on the model of the crossbow. Now that you know which item to choose depending on the speed, go ahead and get one right away.

4. Choosing of the arrows

Arrows are manufactured from different materials (Carbon, Aluminum Mix, Carbon & Aluminum.) and thus you must to know which crossbow suites best the arrows of your choice, including the length and arrow’s weight. Failure to use the correct length or weight in your tool will lead to unwanted breakages that can be costly or even running the danger of an arrow going off in an unintended direction. Carbon arrows are more durable compared to their Aluminum counterparts. Now, it upon you to make a step forward and have arrows that will aid you to accomplish your mission.

5. Learn the basic structure and functionality of crossbows

Gaining knowledge on the profile of a crossbow is equally important; there are simple crossbows with recurved limbs while others with complex limbs. The simple recurved exhibit a single string with a wider profile whereas the compound crossbow has two strings. The item with the smaller profile are more desirable especially if you are planning to hunt in blind. Note that, recurved bows are much easier to repair as compared to complex/compound crossbows. Also, there are some cocking aids that can be bought with the crossbow. These aids consist of a crank and clip-on clamps that play to ease cocking. Finally, buying expensive units are less noisy, giver supersonic arrow speeds, high-tech magnification scopes and stocks with features that are adjustable. Therefore, having a basic knowledge of the structure and functionality of a hunting item, you can go ahead and have one that suits your personal taste.

6. Choosing your crossbow

While choosing your weapon remember to put into consideration factors like affordability and dependability. Therefore, consider choosing a crossbow manufacturer that offers both long-standing reputations in providing quality customer service as well as offering a limited lifetime warranty. Also, don’t forget to check your state’s local game laws for the minimum and maximum required draw weight while gaming with your equipment because this will aid in determining the draw weight range you should consider when purchasing a crossbow. When the draw weight increases, the speed of the arrows you shoot will definitely increase and thus a super kill at faster speeds. Depending on where you are targeting, the hunt should determine the nature of the draw weight you require. For instance, if you consider hunting a beer, you will need 70-130 pounds of a draw.

7. Choosing Quality Bolts

Having crossbows bolts that will fly straight and reliably is equally important as having a good item. Both carbon and aluminum bolts are reliable since they are not only fast fliers but also durable and they are often reused as long as the can be retrieved back. Other than considering bolt material, it’s important to check compatibility with your crossbow depending on the manufactures design. Since it is technically possible to use the bolts that are not compatible with your crossbow, this may cause damage to your crossbow and therefore, often stick with the bolts your crossbow was intended to use.

8. Research Quality Crossbows

When it comes to buying crossbows, you will have to ask yourself several questions about the speed, poundage, and weight of the arrows as latter factors play a significant role in determining the speed of an arrow when shot from the crossbow. While conducting prior research for the quality item, pay close attention to user reviews and testimonials about crossbows posted on websites that focus on hunting and outdoor sporting activities. If the customer reviews do not provide the information you are seeking, go further to conduct a thorough scrutiny about the crossbow you will require to avoid spending hundreds of dollar on an equipment that do not meet your desires and expectations. By doing so, be assured to find the best hunting product.

9. Lightweight

Lighter crossbows are generally user-friendly especially to newbies and those used to other hunting tools due to ease of use and adjustment of different moving parts. Though heavier crossbows are often more durable and powerful, they are often geared towards those well-adjusted to crossbow and experts, and thus if you are a starter, it is highly preferred to stick to lighter crossbows. Moreover, those not conversant to using a crossbow may start with lightweight models to get a better taste on the different mechanisms of the device, however, this does not necessarily mean that you should start with the lightest model in the market. Try to consider the degree of light weight of a crossbow depending on your level of technical skills you possess in handling a crossbow and without doubt you are will find the best hunting crossbow you are yearning for!

10. Maintenance

Almost all crossbows are mechanically based, and thus, compound models exhibit more recurves. To keep them in tip-top condition and safe, they must be well maintained. Going through and keenly following the recommended guidelines from the manufacturer to make a point to routinely check on cables, strings, cams, and trigger, waxing and lubing as instructed safety mechanisms will keep the hunting item in good condition. The ease and cost of maintenance, therefore, will vary depending on the model of the crossbow. For less maintenance cost, go for crossbows that require less maintenance.

11. Looking for Focusing lens

Many crossbows are embedded with a pre-sighted scope that is specifically made for crossbows. Consider using high-tech magnification scopes when sighting in your crossbow for a solid rest and shooting. Choosing the optic of choice to ensure proper sight-in will improve your accuracy in hitting a target perfectly.

12. Taking Safety First

Safety measures when handling crossbows must be put into consideration. Never forget to point a crossbow in a safe direction, always carry it with the safety on, never climb a tree with a loaded crossbow and always keep your fingers below the barrel. Despite the need to follow all basic safety rules, this weapon has a variety of built-in safety mechanisms no wonder accidents are very rare. If you highly value safety measures for ethical issues, then you should go for hunting crossbows with great built-in safety mechanisms.

13. Determine Your Range

As an arrow travels downrange, it loses some of its energy and thus decreases the velocity. Shooting far targets beyond a certain calibration could leave your arrow unrecovered or wound a wrong target. How far you aim to shoot relies not only on the arrow and broadhead you choose but also on your ability. Heavy bolts will lead to extra downrange energy, yielding a better penetration. Check your owner’s manual for the right length as well as the recommended weight.

14. Understanding the draws weight

If you only want a crossbow for target practice, a draw weight of fewer than 160 pounds is acceptable and you should consider purchasing a good quality and cheap crossbow. A draw weight of more than 160 pounds is necessary when you need a good sporting product for hunting as it will ensure accuracy.

15. Check for Reliability and durability

Often, the long – lasting and reliable crossbow is a bit expensive and since you prefer quality to money, do not hesitate to make a step in buying the high – quality item that will server longer and save your pocket when it comes to its maintenance cost.

In summary

Whenever you decide to go hunting using a crossbow, several things should be considered in setting your tools ready: you will be required to have the best hunting product that perfectly matches your needs, make sure to start with a lightweight crossbow, reliability, and durability for maintenance purposes and equipping your hunting item with classy bolts. Keeping this technique in mind will enable you to pick the best hunting equipment that you crave for.


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