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Importance of sights, scopes & peeps for bow hunting

Archery is a high powered game that demands accurate shooting. The archery bow sight is an important tool to help the archer to shoot accurately. There is a long tradition among the archers to use the sights, scopes & peeps for sport and hunting to get the accurate shots. Both the sporting factions have their favorite hunting bows and archery bows and signs according to their requirements.

More and more bow sights and archery bows are refined by the modern technology. You can buy one as per your choice as they range from the simple peep and the pin to green dot sights that are adjustable and come with laser technology to pinpoint your target properly.

  • Peep sights generally operate with the small hole in a ring to narrow your vision onto the target while the laser archery sights give the laser beam to follow straight your target.
  • There are pin types that work with the series of pins proper sight as aligned correctly.
  • Green dot types use the green dot instead of the crosshairs to line up the target.
  • Fiber optic type’s lock into a place or it can compensate automatically your sights for the shots over 35 yards.

The type of that you choose will depend on the type of shooting you are involved with. If you are a hunter, it is better to have one that very light and compact in design for moving across the rugged terrain.


If you are involved in the competition archery, you may need soothing quite heavy to get the stability that you require for shooting.

Hunting scopes are not a new idea they are from the age of 17th century when people were experimenting with various optical hunting aids.

There are sometimes when you may need to hit the faraway targets. While this is crucial in the bow hunting, you need to do it on the range as well. Most of the modern bows come directly from the manufacturer equipped with the aligning device to assist the aim. This is a good tool for close to medium distances, but it is not sufficient for any type of long shot.

To solve this dilemma, archery scopes have been developed for the bows just as they have been for the high powered rifles. The most common scopes even can magnify your target by the factor of two, four, or even six times what you see with your naked eye. The optics are high quality here.

Sights, scopes & peeps are some essential tools for bow hunting.

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