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Selecting The Right Crossbow Arrow

With a wide selection of the crossbow arrows in the market, consumers find it tough to get the right type of arrow for their specific task. Every crossbow arrow has some different capabilities and can perform in different regions and climatic conditions.  Some factors like the kinetic energy, speed, trajectory and overall performance depending on the size, shape and the weight of the arrow.

Whether you are up with the practice sessions or want to hit the hunting arena, you need a set of solid arrows that deliver definitely what you expected. Here are some crossbow arrows and their characteristics that might be helpful in getting you the right one.

Lightweight Crossbow Arrows

Taking in use the thin arrows will help you in getting more speed and a downrange trajectory. On the other hand, you will feel increased vibrations; noise and stress as the lightweight of the arrow make it less stable as compared to the heavy and sturdy ones. Due to the lighter spine and least momentum, lightweight arrows are more likely to deflect with the blow of wind, debris or rain.


If you are hunting in an open field with the target at more distance then using lightweight arrows might not work as the friction from the wind will result in deflection and you can even miss the shot. If you want to practice inside an arena with a controlled environment then using lightweight arrows is the wisest decision one can take.

Standard Weight Arrows

These crossbow arrows have a great blend of kinetic energy and speed and can be used for all-purpose hunting. The increased weight helps the hunter to manage the arrow properly without making much noise at the time of the shooting. Standard weight arrows are the prominent choice of most hunters and archers as these have minor vibrations and can be used in any open hunting arena.


This type of arrow is best suitable for any crossbow. The standard weight arrows retain more kinetic energy and penetrate deeper into the target.

Heavyweight Arrows

Heavyweight arrows are used on the least scale. Due to the higher weight, these are hard to shoot. But if you want more penetration and want to shoot on a smaller area, then these arrows can prove to be fatal and deadly.


Heavyweight arrows are perfect for hunting big targets with thick layers. Also, these types of arrows and archery bow components produce the least noise and minor vibrations which helps in making hunting better.

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