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How to know that you need to change your old bow strings & accessories

Whether you are using the recurve, compound or the crossbow, one of the most essential components of all of them is the string. The bowstring comes with so many functions however the key functions of the bowstrings & accessories is to draw back the limbs of the bow by making it possible to shoot the arrow.

One of the most essential things that you need to keep in mind is bow strings is being constantly put a tremendous amount of pressure whether it is just sitting at its place or you are drawing the bows. It is regardless to say that your string and accessories need to replace after a while as they became old. But how to understand that you need to change your bowstrings:

Sign 1: String Fray: let’s check few minor frayed strands here and there along the string, this is quite normal and can be fixed easily by rubbing the bow wax into them. But if the strings that look like a bird has tried of building a nest in it. This is definitely a significant sign that the strands are going to start breaking on you soon.

Sign 2: Strand breakage – This is a pretty much self-explanatory sign.  If you have 1 or 2 strands that are broken but the rest of the strings are in good condition, you will be able to shoot as normal still, it is imperative that you keep eyes out for any type of further strand breakage.

Sign number3: Strand separation

This is quite common as the string ages if the bow sits for the extended period of time without being used, not up-kept or waxed regularly. If the strands start to look separated and lose it will become dry rotted and brittle. This can cause some major issues as the string may snap and can cause injury for you and damage for your bow.

These are most important signs that you can look out to determine whether you need to replace your string. Keep in mind that if the bow is dry fired more often, it is better to consult an authorized bow technician.

Proper care of all the bowstrings & accessories can extend its lifespan. You can maintain its durability and integrity with the bow wax, good storage, and good maintenance. There are many suppliers that offer the high-quality replacement items for your sport.

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