Mealworms Feed to Your Birds With 12 Best Reasons

Insects are a natural delicacy for most of the birds including chicken. They have ever since fed on these for their survival. If you are having a bird farm, then it is very important for you to provide them their natural habitat in order to keep them healthy a, and with you for a longer time. Mealworms are the best substitute for their natural diet and it’s not a few specific birds that will eat, instead, all the birds will be more than happy to have it. Mealworms can be e fed live and fresh or even freeze-dried, which are packed and instant food for the birds. They are the larvae of the beetle Tenebrio molitor, with a larvae life of about 1,0 weeks. But why you need to feed them mealworms and its advantages is something to be explored. Here are a few reasons why dried mealworms are necessary.

1. Easy to feed: the first thing is that they are so simple to feed. You can just put it spread it on the floor or in the backyard or place them in a bird feeder. You can also mix them with any bird food or seed mix, nuts, bugs; fruit cakes etc. preferred by that bird and you will see them vanish with a blink of an eye. The simplicity of feeding dried mealworms has made it favorite of many bird raisers. They do not crawl and move unlike the live ones and hence are extremely easy to be fed. The dried once do not gross out the feeders.

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2. Nutrition: the nutritional value of the mealworms is of high significance. They are rich in protein and fats, with 50% protein and 25% fats, and also provide the right amount of fiber. This high-energy diet is extremely responsible for the growth of the birds as well as their nestlings. They meet the high metabolism demands of the birds and encourage healthy and fast growth comparatively when fed on other foods. The dried mealworms do not lose their nutrients and hence are highly recommended when compared to the live ones.

3. Requirements in crisis: All birds need more fat in the winters to stay warm. A diet rich in Mealworms apart from meeting the present requirements, stores enough fat for the winters. They need extra proteins during their growth and development when they are lying on feathers, when they are preparing to lay eggs and when they are feeding their babies! This diet meets all these needs of the birds perfectly while providing some extra resource for the future. Also, it is better if during the feeding season you increase the frequency of feeding. They aid the nutrition when insectivorous proteins are not available.

4. Natural Food: More than 80% of bird families prefer insects in their diet. Mealworms, not exactly insects but are many alike insects gives them their natural requirement and most birds readily love to have them. It’s always better to keep the living beings in their natural habitat.

5. Overall care for the family: Birds love to feed their chicks these worms. They know that this is the right food for the growth of their nestlings. You can observe the birds taking these worms to their nests.

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6. Enhances the diversity: Although people think that only bluebirds and nuthatches love these, but the truth is most birds can feed on this meal. As soon as you sprinkle these mealworms in your garden or backyard, you can see numerous birds flock in your garden and feed on these worms. Not only the reared birds but birds from outside and maybe from your neighbors’ farm! Might rush into your garden to enjoy their delicacy. This will help you increase your bird diversity in your farm and hence will increase the economy of your farm.

7. Best meal for Chicken Farms: Not just wild birds, mealworms are the best for your poultry as well. They increase your egg yield as the chicken get a good amount of proteins for the purpose of laying eggs. Also, the size of the eggs naturally increases with increase in the content of protein and fats. These eggs are a major source of protein to the humans on this planet, and just by providing your chicks these mealworms; you are helping the humans get stronger!

8. Molting Season: This meal is a good choice for the spring and autumn when your birds are molting. Increases amount of protein helps your birds grow back their feathers in no time. Also during this system, the immune system of the birds, especially chicks weans, hence this diet substitutes the decline and helps them pass this stage effectively.

9. Reduced quantity and increased quality: The quantity of the mealworms required is very less compared to the number of seeds you might have to provide. Especially for chicken, approximately 1-10 per chicken are enough for them per day. If you provide them more, no doubt, they have the capacity to finish the whole store, but you need to restrict them to the recommended amount to prevent their ill health.

10. Have a long shelf-life: The dried mealworms can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator or even without it. You can pile up a whole year stock and keep using with no harm. They do not contain moisture and are dehydrated, hence go for a long time without getting spoiled. The dehydrated forms can be mixed with water and softened and hydrated, as hydration and water balance are extremely important for all life forms. With the use of dried forms, you must add adequate water. Also, the softened forms prevent choking of your babies.

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11. Dried mealworms are Perineal: As compared to the live ones which are seasonal, dried mealworms can go throughout the year and you don’t have to change the stock. They are available in all seasons with ease. This especially helps them during summers when the grounds are too dry and do not harbor earthworms on the surface. Also, they go for fishes, waterfowl, hedgehogs, and game birds along with the watch birds. Hence this meal takes care of your whole farm throughout the year.

12. Attractive Bird Habits: Providing them with mealworms gives you an eye-catching site, especially those who love bird watching. You can have a look at captivating habits like parents taking a mouthful of worms in their beak to their nests for their nestlings. When these nestlings come out and cry around flying, you can see mother bird putting the food in their mouth-beak to beak. Watch the adolescent ones come to the feeder on their own and try to grab a worm on their own for the first time. Those who naturally depend on the mealworm will wait for you near the feeder at the time when you feed them, and come near hand and might give you few pecks. You can also have a look at you chicken go wild when they know mealworms are there for dinner.

These mealworms play a pioneering role in the nutrition and health of your birds and wild animals and should be an important part of your pet’s diet. This will give you a good yield and therefore increase your economy.

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