The 4 Pieces of Equipment Every Police Officer Needs

Equipment Every Police Officer Needs

Working in law enforcement means not knowing what you will encounter on any given day. This means that conscientious police officers should always be equipped for every potential scenario. While there can be no catch-all equipment guide given that jurisdictions vary in terms of laws and crime rate, there are plenty of pieces of equipment that are essential for anyone working in law enforcement. Here are just a few must-have tools for every police officer.

The 4 Pieces of Equipment Every Police Officer Needs


There’s simply no good reason to not wear your body-armour while on duty. Even if you do not work in a position that requires you to carry a firearm, police work is unpredictable. There is therefore no way of knowing when and if you’ll need some protection, so it’s always best to be prepared. Modern police tactical vests are lightweight and comfortable, but also offer substantial protection from attacks with most types of knives and guns. Kevlar has become the modern material of choice for much body armour because it is highly strong, and also not too heavy. If you are looking for a product that offers you as much protection as possible, though, you may consider ceramic trauma plating for your chest. This is because this material can offer critical area protection against both shotgun cells and rifle bullets.


It’s easy to overlook the effect working on your feet all day can have on your health. Most standard footwear is not designed to withstand the kind of wear and tear that comes from being on duty, as well. Investing in a pair of durable and comfortable boots for fieldwork is therefore an absolute no-brainer. Some officers also suggest keeping multiple pairs in your rotation, to protect against both pairs from becoming worn too quickly. Try to match the design of your footwear with the nature of your work, too. Armed police may opt for more heavy-duty protective boots for added safety, for example.


Having access to a fully-functioning radio is another must-have for any officer working outside their station. Patrolling or staking out an area can take you to some out-of-the-ordinary places, so it’s important not to be fully reliant on mobile phones alone, since you may not always have a reception for it. A radio can also be a useful tool for notifying your colleagues and requesting backup hands-free, while out in the field, as you may not always have time to make a call. Radios are generally issued by your precinct, but you should still always remind yourself to carry them on your person. Make sure its battery is charged prior to going out in the field, too.


The best law enforcement officers are prepared for any scenario. This means doubling up on essential items, like handcuffs and weaponry. Having a backup is crucial because whenever you do need these things, it is usually an urgent situation. You therefore never want to be in a position where you need a weapon, for example, and for some reason do not have access to your primary one.

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