Is My Cat Angry? 5 Signs That Show You She Is

If you want to have a “purrfect” relationship with your kitten, one of the most important things is to know when your furry friend is angry. It is usually hard to tell until you end up getting scratched up and bitten.  We want to prevent this from happening! So if you notice these 8 signs, stay away from your kitty cat cause she won’t be mad forever.

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How Can I Tell If My Cat Is Angry?

One thing you should know about cats is that they are revengeful creatures. Sooner or later you will end up getting what you asked for. So simply put, don’t do something that would annoy your kitty.

Flattened Ears

This is a sign of super-mad cat! If her ears are flattened, you did something very bad. Trust me! her ears are a tell-tale sign that shouts “Stay away from me! I’m not in the mood!” You may have accidentally gotten her wet or cuddled with her while she was grooming herself (PSA: never interrupt you cat when she’s licking herself ). I advise you to just stay away and let her do her thing.

Fluffy Fur

If your kitty’s fur seems fluffier than usual, this means that she feels threatened, scared or annoyed. Cats often fluff their fur to appear larger.

Be Aware of Their Teeth

If you’re a cat owner you have probably witnessed your cat teething and biting. This can often be misunderstood as she’s in the mood to play. Teaching your cat not to bite is easy just visit before it’s too late.

Recognize Different Types of Mews

When your cat mews it is usually a sign that she wants your attention.

• Ordinary meow could mean anything, ranging from just wanting attention to wanting food or just simply wanting to be cuddled. Make sure your cat has fresh food and water available at all times.
• High pitched howls and yowls mean that your cat is under extreme anxiety. It could be extreme hunger or pain. If your cat shows signs of unusual aggression or if she’s abnormally loud, take her to the vet immediately.

Examine Their Eyes

Cats usually have narrowed or slightly dilated pupils, but if kitty is angry her pupils will become small and her eyes widened.

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