More About Mealworms In Your Gardens For Your Birds

The birds will always flock to your garden when they are provided with the tastiest treats from your bird feeder. One great treat for all types of birds is dried mealworms, which are ideal for robins and tits who consider it their favorite.

There are two main ways of using dried mealworms in your feeders. The first way is to sprinkle them on a feeding tray as they are, dried and crunchy for your birds to eat. This also allows you to mix the mealworms with other types of bird feed, such as sunflower hearts. The birds will enjoy the variety and keep on visiting for more.

The second option is to hydrate them in some warm water to make them succulent for your garden birds. You may not be able to mix them with bird seeds, but the birds will surely enjoy them nonetheless. Place the dried worms in warm water for just a few minutes, then place them in your feeder and watch the birds gather in your garden.

This type of feeding are not only delicious for your birds, but they are also high in protein and are great for the winter or nesting times. They are safe, natural and easy to use for garden birds that come to your home.

To attract different birds to your home, you can choose to combine standard and mini forms, which are larger and smaller mealworms respectively. This way, you can allow for small birds to get their fill of the delicious worms because they can pick out the small ones from the feeder or the ground. When you consider this, you will also have less of a mess underneath your bird tables when you allow smaller birds to pick their mealworms from the ground below the feeders.

Remember to get a scraper to clean your feeding trays, especially when you opt to hydrate the feeds. They will tend to stick to the surface of the tray, but this should not trouble you. There are specially designed scrappers that scrape off this type of feeds from your feeding tables so that you can provide your garden birds a clean surface to eat from every
Here are some easy tips for raising mealworms at home.


· Ensure you have a plastic container big enough to house them, for they multiply pretty quickly. One with a removable lid works best, making sure to poke holes in the top so they can breathe. You can also use a plastic aquarium.
· Depending on your preference, if you would like to watch them, chose a clear container. Otherwise, a colored or opaque one will work just as well.
· Build a base by adding the substrate, which is a material where they will thrive.
· Substrate can be made out of equal measures of wheat bran and oats, or whole wheat flour & dry powdered milk.
· Fill the bottom about two inches deep.
· No special lighting is needed
· Keep the container out of direct sunlight but in a warm area, between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

. Peel and slice a potato into large chunks.
· Scatter them on top of the substrate.
· The potato keeps the substrate from drying out, as well as provide nourishment for the dried mealworms.
· Replace the potato pieces every few days, or if they begin to get moldy.

Welcome home

· After purchasing mealworms from the pet store, simply put them in the tank and let them make themselves at home.
· This feeds will populate the tank pretty quickly and mature into an adult beetle.
· As the beetles breed, they lay eggs which are the baby worms.

You should wait about four weeks before starting to feed your pet the tasty treats, allowing them time to populate the tank or container. Patience will create a colony that is strong and plentiful. Remove the adult beetles from the colony after they die, which shouldn’t be very long, as they only live about two weeks when fully grown.

Make sure you replace the potato and add more substrate, or they will starve. To be hygienic, it would be wise to dump the whole mixture of substrate and start fresh about every 12 months. Raising these feeds is a fun project to do with your kids and doesn’t require a lot of time or supervision. They are always an economical way to feed your pet with mealworms or other food.


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