Waterproof Backpack: Protect Your Gear When Things Get Wet

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Are you looking for the best waterproof backpack? Do you like the outdoors and activities such as hunting, camping, hiking, trekking, fishing…? Or maybe you like adventure sports? If taking a break for you means packing your bags and heading outdoors, next to a river or on the side of the mountain then one of the things you really need to invest in is a waterproof backpack.

Waterproof backpacks are a must for all outdoor enthusiasts that don’t want the weather to hold them back. They help protect electronic devices like cameras, torches, iPods, they also protect your supplies of food, your clothes, and other essentials so they do not get wet. If you are looking for a waterproof backpack, this is what you need to know.

Two main things make a backpack really waterproof. First, its using waterproof materials that will not leak water even if exposed to water for a really long time. These materials range from nylon coated polyurethane to waterproof canvas. And second, it’s the production itself. There must be no stitches going into the compartment you want to be waterproof. A special welding technique is there for us to make backpacks really waterproof.

For the really extreme use like dropping the backpack into the water, there is another feature you want to have in your waterproof backpack. It is how the backpack is closed. Openings are the weak points in these kinds of backpacks and this is where the water can get in. So avoid backpacks with zippers and go for waterproof backpacks that have a fold down top closure. Zippers can also be waterproof but most of them are not and those that are insanely expensive. Fold down is a tested fail-proof method of closing a backpack like this. This way if you throw it into the water, the backpack will stay afloat because of the air trapped inside.

Best waterproof backpacks. Via Carryology.com

Best waterproof backpacks. Via Carryology.com

Why a waterproof backpack?

When you go outdoor weather can change suddenly. Thunderstorms, a hail storms, downpours. Or you can get wet when crossing a river or a marsh, paddling over a lake or during a boat ride over the sea. In those moments, a waterproof backpack is like a real blessing. It will protect your clothes and travel items from damage and help you enjoy worry-free time in nature. Electronic items are especially easily damaged by exposure to moisture. The waterproof fabric of these backpacks will stop the water and even humidity from entering the bag. This means complete security for your valuable items. You can cross a river without having to worry about your belongings. And even if you yourself get wet, you will know you have dry clothes in your backpack. When you are out on an expedition, the closest store is usually not just around the corner. So it is essential to protect the belongings that you have with you. Waterproof backpacks help to do just that.

Another benefit of these bags is that if you carry liquids in the bag and accidentally spill them, the waterproof backpacks will prevent them from running out. They are great for transporting any wet gear and putting it into your car.

And finally, they will also protect our things in dry places from the dust. With wind and dust around you, tiny dust particles can get everywhere and are actually even more damaging to the electronics than water. Waterproof backpacks will also protect your things from dust.

What to look for when choosing a waterproof backpack

The following are the main things to look for when choosing a waterproof backpack. Some were already mentioned before.

Best Waterproof Backpack

Best Waterproof Backpack

Material and construction

You want a 100% non-breathable waterproof material. This type of material will never under any condition leak water (unless it is punctured of course). And you want welded seams and NO stitches.


Depending on where you will use the backpack you want a heavy duty and durable waterproof fabric. Also, check places where the straps are attached to the main body. Waterproof backpacks will also have stitches but they will never go all the way through.

Fold down closure

Get a backpack that closes by folding down the top of the backpack and buckling the ends together. This is the most simple and fail-proof method out there.

Shoulder Straps

Look for a waterproof pack with wide and padded shoulder straps. It is best if the foam used for the padding is non-water absorb. Make sure that the straps keep the pack well balanced, that they do not slide (a good and solid chest strap should help with this), and that they keep the pack tight but do not rub or restrict the movement of your arms and the upper part of your body.

Overboard Waterproof Backpack in Ocean. Via Thisiswhyimbroke.com.

Overboard Waterproof Backpack in Ocean. Via Thisiswhyimbroke.com.

Hip belt

A solid padded hip belt is also a must. It must be strong enough to support the weight of the main pack because when used correctly, it transfers the weight of the waterproof backpack to the hips, which considerably increases comfort and reduces back strain when using the backpack for extended periods. Most of the waterproof backpacks don’t have these are are just regular straps that don’t help much when it comes to distributing weight. They just help stabilize the backpack on your back.


Ensure that there are enough pockets for your needs. The lid pockets are especially useful for transporting items that need to be quickly accessible, such as guides, phone, wallet, small snack etc… Mesh pockets (usually located on each side near the bottom of the package) are excellent for holding water bottles or wet gear. The outer side pockets are also exceptionally useful for storing items that you want to access quickly while traveling. You will notice that not many waterproof backpacks have pockets and none have as many as regular backpacks. The reason for this is that the production of these is much more complicated and expensive so only high-end backpacks will have real external pockets.

Cords  and straps

It depends on your needs, but you will also want a waterproof backpack that has some external straps and bungee cords that are useful for attaching additional equipment for the backpack (such as hiking poles, camera tripod, fishing pole etc…). The position of these straps can vary from one backpack to another so check if they are placed where you need them to be.

And here are just some of the activities where these kind of packs are useful.

Activities where waterproof backpacks are useful

There are literally tons of things you can do that would benefit you enormously with the use of a waterproof backpack. Below is a list of some of the activities in which it is suggested that you buy a waterproof backpack instead of a regular one.

Waterproof Backpack Drop in Into The Sea

Waterproof Backpack Drop in Into The Sea


Your gear can determine how successful and enjoyable your hunting trip will be. Keeping all your important gear dry is a big plus. Worrying about your belonging getting wet will only distract you from your hunt. A waterproof backpack is specialized to handle rough terrain, tough weather conditions and extreme stress on pack material and parts.

Cave exploration

Exploring caves is one place where you should have a waterproof backpack. Caves are wet and dark, and many of them have pools and waterfalls that you can reach unexpectedly with no other way than to get into the water.

Motorcycling or cycling

This is an activity where the weather can be a constant concern. Trying to drive your motorcycle or your bike in a rainy, foggy or humid weather requires a good waterproof backpack in order to keep your items dry. So a motorcycle waterproof backpack is a big help.


This is a great outdoor activity, but we all know that the weather may vary. If you are hiking into the wet places and corners of the planet then a waterproof backpack is the safest bet. Regular backpacks offer some protection from the water but even the best ones, sooner or later your belongings will get wet if the conditions get really rough. For some things, it might not matter if they get wet and some hikers get used to that. But why not use a better solution.

White Water Rapids/Kayak

Here you will get wet 100%. Anything you take with you must be kept in a 100% waterproof backpack. The only way to protect your things is to have a waterproof backpack to carry your things. This can allow you to have a worry-free time and all the fun you want without having to worry about your things getting wet. For a short few hour trips you don’t need much, but longer paddle adventures are getting more and more popular.


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