How to Choose the Best Tactical EDC Backpacks With Premium Quality

Best Tactical EDC Backpacks

Tactical EDC Backpacks are currently in trend right now. The rave about their unusual features is all over the internet. Almost all civilians I know want to get their hands on this military gear.

People are enticed by their rugged design, strength, modularity, high activity, durability and premium quality materials.

One good example of such beauty that flaunts these militia perks is the notable SERGEANT Military Tactical Backpack. The design of this piece of art is attention-grabbing and a bit loud.

They are made as though you are meant to go to war with it. So, you won’t find the regular pockets and compartments for your iPhone, audio device and headset.

I also like the fact that it serves a dozen functions. That means you can bring in whatever you need and use it as a go bag, or any backpack of your choice.

And why I so much love its durability is the included triple stitching at all stress points that allow me to carry my gear with ease without any stress at all.

Apart from the SERGEANT Tactical Backpack, not all Tactical EDC Backpacks are worth it. Some are just a bunch of fabrics joined together to mimic the real deal.

That is why you need to pay attention to details when choosing the best Tactical EDC Backpacks for your outdoor activity. Knowing what to look out for before choosing a Tactical EDC Backpacks will save you the trouble and the expense of choosing a low-quality product.

How to Choose the Best Tactical EDC Backpacks

To help you make the best choice, we have put together useful tips to keep in mind when shopping for a Tactical EDC Backpack.

Consider the Material of the Tactical Backpacks

To know if a backpack has the best material, find out if it is made from 500D – 1200D Ballistic nylon fabric.

Don’t go for Kodra or Polyester material. They won’t serve you for long.

While fabrics like X-Pac (VX) are quite sturdy and has a waterproof design, the problem I have with them is that they are heavy and cause much stress on the shoulder.

So, ensure you go for brands with great materials like TiZip, Nexus, ITW, and Sergeant since they all have excellent track records. If you want something you can trust, then these brands are great.

Personally, I recommend Sergeant Tactical Backpack since they also come with 1050D Ballistic Nylon Material.

Sergeant Military Tactical Backpacks


Does the Backpack Come With Great Comfort?

Ensure you go for a pack that that has professional stitchings at all stress points. This will allow you to carry your gear with ease without experiencing any stress at all.

The Backpack should also come with a proprietary suspension system to transfer weight from your shoulders to your hips. They should also include super comfortable shoulder straps if you don’t want to load a lot of stuff on your pack.

Does It Offer An Accessible Compartment?

You need to find out if the backpack has enough rooms or compartments and easy-to-access zippered pockets to enable you to put in your stuff.

Also, find out if the Tactical Backpack offers a clamshell that opens to allows you to expose everything inside. And figure out if the brand features a 3-ZIP (Tri-Zip) style opening to give you a swift and easy access to everything inside.

Consider the Volume of the EDC Backpacks

The ideal volume for most appealing EDC backpack is 15-26 liters to aid everyday carry. You can use this volume size in the office, run an errand, do light hikes, go for coffee shop runs, and carry it on a travel trip.

If these are among what you want to do with your bag, then go for a pack that offers 15-26 liters volume size.

But if you want a Backpack for a more extended trip, let’s say 2weeks upwards, or you want to hunt with it, then choose a tactical pack that sports a larger volume design since it can contain more gear.

For such task, sizes from 30-60 liters will always come in handy to carry all your gear with less hassle.

MOLLE Integration

The MOLLE integration in any bag allows for limitless customization options. They allow for great flexibility and high adaptation to help you contain all your gear while maintaining a lightweight design.

So,  check your preferred Pack to see if they come with this feature.

Adjustable Fit

Also, find out if the bag will fit your body style. You want to be sure that it is easily adjustable to suit your preferred style and preference without restricting your movement.

This means the pack needs to have multiple straps and adjustment points. It should have clips at the Shoulders area for free movements, with hips, and Sternum to allow you to have a secure fit.

Can You Run With the Bag?

Of course, the pack needs to be lightweight enough for you to be able to run with it, especially if you’re stalking a prey.

It should be well fitted with straps like we earlier mentioned and always stays in place without jumbling around.

Features to Avoid

While the above tips have shown you what you should look out for when buying a Tactical EDC Backpacks, there are features you should prevent in a Tactical EDC Backpacks.

Here are a few ones you should take note of:

One Large Compartment

You don’t want to go for a pack that sacrifices multiple compartments and organization to a single big compartment. Having a backpack with a big compartment will risk jumbling your gear around and cause an uncomfortable carry.

So, a rule of thumb is to always go for a Tactical EDC Backpack that has multiple compartments and organizational options inside the bag for easy access to your items.

Elastic Straps

Packs with elastic strap are a no-no if you want a durable backpack that can carry your load. They will wear out in time, causing your bag to stay lower and more flimsy than desired.


Having shown you how to choose the best Tactical EDC Backpack, it is time for you to make your own decision.

Be assured that whichever products you want should have the best-recommended features to give you the best experience.

However, the SERGEANT Military Tactical BackPack is still our top choice here.

One of the best features of this product is:

  • It features a 1050D Ballistic Nylon Material that can withstand abuse and handle the toughest missions.
  • Can hold all your gear due to multiple compartments and enough room to fit all your gear inside.
  • Can be used for various purposes
  • It features triple stitching at all stress points, to allow you to carry your gear with ease and with no stress at all.
  • Offers Internal Frame Sheet added Strength without adding any weight to your shoulders or causing you backaches.
  • Has Water Resistant/Rainproof Portable and Rugged Design
  • And many more features

With all these features packed in the premium Tactical Military Backpack, you’re sure of carrying your gear with you with confidence.

So what do you think?  Do you think a subdued black colorway backpack is your thing?  Or do prefer a MultiCam camouflage pattern?

Of course, there are other great brands out there that can also get the job done. What are some of your favorite brands you have had experience with? Let us know in the comment here!



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