Pick Up The Best Battery Chainsaw With Expert Tips

Pick Up The Best Battery Chainsaw With Expert Tips

The market for chainsaws has been diversified these days. While gas power chainsaws have been in trend for a long time, manufacturers are making more best battery chainsaw to compete with their performances and to be equally functional. Moreover, the battery-powered chainsaws do not release fumes and are therefore quite environment-friendly. Battery chainsaws do not make much noise while in operation, are cordless, hence easy to manage and provides great mobility as well. Most chainsaws look identical and it is not easy to find an optimal one that suits all your requirements.

Here A Few Tips To Guide You To The Most Proficient Battery Chainsaw:

• Chainsaws with Lithium Ion batteries: These batteries are the latest technologies that cordless chainsaws and many other modern gadgets come equipped with these days. Lithium batteries are more powerful than Nickel-Cadmium batteries and hence they operate for a much longer time. Li-ion batteries possess very high energy density out of all batteries. This means they are extremely light in their weights and powerful at the same time. Maintenance is also very low and does not require s to be discharged on a regular basis. There are no memory related issues found in such batteries. The low rate of self-discharge makes it a popular choice among customers.

• Automatic chain oiler: Although this might not seem to be a very important specification, automatic bar oiler can become an essential requirement for the smooth functioning of your battery chainsaw. There can be constant frictions between the chain and the bar of your chainsaw. If the bar is not lubricated from time to time the chains will break and this will hamper the performance of the chainsaw. Manual lubricating is not always possible and is very time-consuming as well. Search for rechargeable chainsaws that come with automatic bar oilers is perhaps the best recommendation. It will constantly apply oil to the bar and prevent any friction from hindering your progress.

• Size of the battery: Another important factor to consider is the size of the battery. The size determines how long the battery is going to last. The larger batteries are also heavier; therefore, you need to carefully consider this specification. Lithium batteries are lightweight, but some of them might have shorter battery life.

Battery Chainsaw

Battery Chainsaw

• Power of the chainsaw: The power of a chainsaw can be checked through the voltage specified on its label. The general concept is that the more the voltage of the battery, the more powerful the chainsaw is. The index generally ranges from 18 to 40 volts. However, certain manufacturers produce the best battery chainsaw with voltage as much as 80 volts. Therefore, always ensure that your desired cordless chainsaw has the required power to keep up with the workload you will put in.

• Tool-less chain tensioning: Tool-less chain tensioning means that you can tighten the chain without the aid of extra devices like a screwdriver. The chain adjuster comes in handy when you do not have your tools nearby but need to adjust the chain immediately.

• Brand value: The quality of battery chainsaws can vary significantly depending upon the brand you are selecting. It is advisable to make some research on the top brands of cordless chainsaws available. Reputed brands usually last long in the competition and have years of goodwill attached to their names. Also, consult your peers about the reliability of the brands.

If you are looking for a portable, lightweight chainsaw that is hassle-free and is suitable for light workload, then best battery chainsaw is a great tool for you. These are also good options to prevent noise pollution. However, the choice of chainsaws depends upon your individual necessities and how frequently you are going to use the chainsaw. With these tips, you can now be able to make the right choice for the best battery chainsaw without much trouble.


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