Survival Prepping for Normal People Guide

Survival Prepping for Normal People Guide

Survival prepping for normal people generally means preparing for a disaster before it even happens. Most disasters are not likely to occur, but in order to be prepared for anything, there are a few things that you can do. One of the most important prepping supplies is food and water. This is not always an easy thing to do because these supplies are usually very expensive, but if you read my articles on Preparing For Home Improvement and Home Survival, you will understand that it is very possible to prepare with minimal supplies.

Here are some important survival prepping list and how to begin prepping for survival:

Survival Planning Prepping for Normal People

When most people hear survival planning, they often think of emergency preparedness for disasters such as hurricanes and floods. However, survival prepping for the public can also consist of preparation for a variety of unpredictable events that can occur in our normal lives. The ultimate preppers list of unpredictable events is endless and includes, but is not limited to; natural disasters such as earthquakes, droughts, storms, and even food and water shortages.

A good survival preparation plan should address these kinds of situations and many more as well. Natural disasters are the worst kind of emergency circumstances that could strike but are not limited to, them. In order to have a long life and be able to sustain itself, food and water is a must. Therefore, survival preparation plans should include food and water storage needs and how to transport them from one location to another, should an emergency occur.

Food Storage Prepping for Normal People

Most normal homes have a food storage area that is located in the basement. In most cases, this area is built-in with the structure of the home. If the home was constructed newer than the current housing standards, you may need to purchase additional food storage items. You will be able to find the best prepper food storage items at any home improvement store, hardware store, or local supermarket.


Another common survival item is firewood. You should have a supply of firewood somewhere in your home. It may not be easy to get to in the event of a power outage. Many families have generators, and they use fuel that can last for days without stopping. You will need to have supplies of firewood handy in case of a power outage.


Water is another vital item that you should be prepared to carry with you on a regular basis. There are many locations throughout the country that offer water for free. Even if the power is out you should have some form of the water transportation system in place. These supplies will include a way to purify water containers.

Emergency Kits Prepping for Normal People

Other items that should be included in emergency kits are medications, blankets, flashlights, and some form of food and water storage. If you have the basics in place you may not need much more. It is important to remember that these items are only going to be needed during emergency situations. You may not have time to prepare your normal emergency food and supplies. Write on a paper with all prepper food lists and other items will save your time.

Having a home prepared for a disaster is not something that everyone wants to do. A lot of families feel better being prepared for something by themselves. When you prepare for an emergency you become a little more secure as well. The feeling of having a disaster prepared is always good to have.

Supplies That You are Needing

When you have a plan for survival, you can rest a little easier knowing that the best prepper supplies list that you are going to be needing will all be available to you. It makes you feel like you are prepared for whatever happens. Your family will not be caught off guard because they have been prepared for this disaster. You will be able to get the most out of emergency preparedness by following a proven survival plan for your family.

It does not matter how old you are when it comes to preparing for emergencies. You should start somewhere and build a base to build from. It does not matter if it is just having one disaster kit or stocking three or four. The point is that you are prepared at all times.

First Step of Preparing

Most normal people do not think of their own survival until they find themselves in an emergency situation. Being prepared is the first step in surviving. It will allow you to get through any emergency without a lot of problems. It may not seem like much, but when you are dealing with an emergency you do not want to be caught off guard.


You never know when you are going to be in an emergency. You do not want to be one of the people that does not have any survival supplies necessary. There are always going to be times when you do not have a way out. It does not matter if you are prepared or not, you should at least have a few basic supplies that you can hand to the people that are closest to you. This should give them a little extra advantage.

Survival Kits

Another possibility is disaster survival kits, which have all the supplies that will be required by any individual for three days or less in case of an emergency. These kits should contain food and water storage and transportation, first aid, medicines, sewing and construction equipment, and other tools, like hammers, knives and drills. Even if the person in the survival kit is not an experienced survivalist, he/she still has to ensure that these items are fresh and available at all times. Otherwise, the person will risk becoming weak and starving to death.

Special Tools and Supplies

Other prepping activities may not require special tools and supplies. However, they still create better preparedness scenarios. For instance, being prepared with good survival clothing will keep you safe and comfortable, and keep you from getting cold and hungry, even in case of a sudden emergency. Normal people in areas where natural disasters are common, have to face this kind of situation. But it is much easier for those who are ready for whatever disaster may happen. They have survival food and water storage systems that are ready to use.

Food Storage Systems

Being prepared with food storage systems also includes having a place to store emergency food while waiting for resources and help. Some preppers have storage boxes and bags, some others have large pantry shelves. The important thing is that you have a place and means to store your food, so you don’t starve. You also have the option of cooking and eating your food when there are enough of them around you. But being prepared with food storage systems like large cabinets, pantry shelves, and boxes will greatly improve your prepping tactics.

Proper preparation of homes and families is the most basic form of survival. But people who are prepared for unexpected disasters usually have a lot more at their disposal, especially when disaster strikes. Their survivalist mindset makes them able to improvise on their resources, giving them the advantage of being resourceful and prepared.

There are many examples of ordinary people who are resourceful and have preparedness in various forms. The military is an example of a group that has undergone extreme training for survival, and even their survivalist skills are tested in extreme situations. But even with their preparedness, many people die in the service of their country. People have to realize that survival does not just mean food and water storage, but also building a community to support them during their times of need.


Even if survival prepping for normal people are necessary, survival for those who are trained and are into survival gear for emergencies is way beyond the usual considerations. Some are even trained on how to build such tools and make them work in their survivalist setup. But building a community of survivalists, of course, is easier said than done. So for those who are planning to be survival preppers supplies, it is best to do some research about how to go about it and learn as much as you can to be prepared for any disaster that may come. And if you already have preparedness tools at hand, and you need more, there are things that you can sell on auction sites, or you can use to make your own tools that are more suitable to your survival needs.

Remember this survival prepping list could save your life in any emergency case. Please feel free to leave any comment here for survival prepping for normal people.



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