Hunting Blinds: Different types and how to decide what to buy

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Hunting Blinds are used by the hunters to camouflage themselves in the surrounding when on hunters spree. These hunting blinds help the hunter in keeping hidden from the animal he/ she is after. There are different types of Hunting Blinds that are available in the market. Every blind has its own function and is required in some particular situation. Before you decide to buy let’s go through the types of Hunting Blinds that are available for the hunters to use.

Different Types of Hunting Blinds

Here we will discuss what one should look for while buying the Blinds and different types that are available in the market.

  • Portable Blinds – These are designed in a way that they can be moved around pretty quickly. If your prey has moved on you can also move from the place and do not need to be stuck up at the place.
  • Pop Up Blinds – These are very lightweight and are easy to handle. You can pack them up and store them easily.
  • Deer Hunting Blinds – If you are an avid Deer Hunter you have many options available to you. It comes in both permanent and temporary fixtures. You will get a variety of deer hunting blinds from 360- degree view to blinds like a tree house. These are good for the overall view of the landscape while concealing you from the eyes of the prey. The permanent type of blinds is good if you own the hunting place or property as it is quite an investment and couldn’t be packed in and stored as you need.
  • Duck Hunting Blinds – You may find the same as Deer Hunting Blinds, it’s just that these are made for landscapes near water. These often look like plant life that could be found near water. These can be set up easily and quickly and taken down as well.
  • Tree Stand Hunting Blinds – These are generally skirt that goes around the hunting chair. The benefits of it are that they give you an elevated view and shooting range. You will be requiring extra gear to climb up the tree, make sure the skirt is tightly fastened so that it doesn’t go off if it gets windy.


Many hunters out there don’t prefer Hunting Blinds as it restricts their movements. They use natural camouflage techniques and the surroundings around them to hide from their prey. But the plus point of using a Hunting blind is that along with providing a hidden spot to us it also provides shelter from natural elements around us. So if you are out and the weather changes drastically you can be secure and safe in your hiding spot.

The type of hunting blind you will need depend on the hunting area you are going. If you own the place you could always get permanent fixtures done, but they do restrict your movement. Pop up and temporary ones are best for quick movements around the area.

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