The usefulness of Hunting Tree Stands: Tips for proper safety precautions

Hunting tree stands

Tress stands are basically some small ladders that are used as a common hunting tool. Most tree stands help individuals to climb up a tall tree and hunt animals down. In this way, the focus remains correct and the entire hunting experience becomes worth one. However, hunting tree stands are quite dangerous equipment to use. If used incorrectly, it can cause a lot of damage and other injuries to the individual. If a person dares to fall down, the result can be instant death. This may happen, if the trees stand is not made of a sturdy material or has not been properly installed. The result is that hunters may acquire several injuries and that may destroy the entire hunting scene. Therefore, certain safety precautions need to be taken in advance to prevent any kind of injury or disaster from happening.

Tips to secure a hunting tree stand:

Safety is first when it comes to any hunting expedition. Tree stands are amazing equipment that helps the hunters during the entire process, but there have to be some precautionary steps undertaken to keep all hazards at bay. Here is a list of all the things that need to be taken of:

  • It is not a mandatory thing to carry sharp equipment while climbing the tree stand. The main hunting equipment is enough if the hunter is an experienced individual. One can use a haul line to trigger the gear, and it is also necessary to check whether the guns are loaded before climbing.
  • The most common point for an accident to happen is when the hunters are climbing up or down the tree stand. Therefore, hunters need to maintain their own body balance so that the tree stand doesn’t misbalance itself and falls off after climbing the tree. Most tree stands used, therefore, should be solid and sturdy, and heavy enough to carry the weight of the hunter while hunting.
  • Before setting up the entire tree stand, all instructions should be read and followed with care. If any crucial step is left out, accidents are prone to take place.
  • It is advised to choose healthy trees while installing tree stands because new trees might not have the capacity to hold up a person. So, old trees can be a lot tougher and hunters can easily balance their own posture and the tree stand as well. One should be aware of any rotten tree bark or trunk as that increases the problem further.
  • One should never put their whole body weight just on a single branch while climbing as that can increase the chances of falling down and hurting oneself.
  • It is also important to climb at a level much higher than the trees stand so that it doesn’t lose its balance.
  • It is necessary to wear the right clothes while on the hunting journey. During rains, boots can help in maintaining grip and prevent occasional sliding off while climbing the tree stand. One doesn’t want to fall and hurt himself just because of the wrong clothing.
  • In case of emergency situations, neighbors and friends should know of the hunting adventure. They can help when a issue arises and can call for help.
  • During the hunting process, hunters go through a tiring process of just sitting and watching and looking for the target. Sometimes it might take hours to find one. Therefore, they should not fall asleep as that can be a cause of danger. All hunters should keep themselves alert and wait for their targets.
  • The equipment used during the hunting process should be advanced and up to the mark. The hunting items should be loaded and the tools must be safe and secure to use.
  • It is mandatory to carry a safety kit and first aid box in case of small cuts and minor injuries. Mosquito repellent creams are a must along with a flashlight and some food and water and medicines.
Hunting tree stands

Hunting tree stands

What sort of tree stands should be used for hunting?

During the hunting process, tree stands used should be tough and made of strong material. Portable ones help a lot as they can be easily loaded and unloaded very easily without much effort. However, the portable ones are of three types-

One can also use a FAS or fall arrest system when hunting from a great height. The platform of the tree stand should be flat so that it’s easier to balance.  Along with that, a belt should be tied around the waist so that the hunter, in any case, doesn’t slip and wall. Although the hunting tree stand is a huge advantage for many hunters out there one should be aware of the basic safety precautions for their own good.

How to use a climbing tree-stand:


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