Top 58 Hunting Blogs & Websites Every Hunter Must Read Now

Here are the top 58 hunting blog & websites every hunter must read. Those Best Hunting blogs from thousands of the best hunting blogs online will keep you educated and enthusiastic all spring and summer.

Hunting Blogs List:

Polk Outdoors – The Ledger

About the blog: The history of The Ledger dates to Aug. 22, 1924, when Sam Farabee started The Lakeland Evening Ledger under the Ledger Publishing Co. Three years later, the Lakeland Ledger Publishing Co. bought one of its competitors, The Star-Telegram, which continued as a morning newspaper. A year later, when the owners figured out that running two papers from one plant wasn’t profitable, they merged the newspapers to form The Lakeland Ledger and Star-Telegram. In 1941, the name was shortened to The Lakeland Ledger. It was shortened further to The Ledger in 1967.


Daily visitors: 258 029 Blog | #1 Source For Bow Hunting Information

About the blog: Everything bowhunting! Archery tips, hunting tactics, hunting news, and even a few funny hunting stories can be found right here.


Daily visitors: 44 690

Get Muddy Hunting Blog | Muddy Outdoors | Muddy Outdoors

About the blog: Get Muddy hunting blog after learning tips and tricks of the trade with Muddy Outdoors’ Get Muddy Blog.


Daily visitors: 40 494

Hunting and Conservation News –


About the blog: was built to be your national source for Hunting and Conservation News, Gear Reviews and our Pro Staff articles and reports. Our Mission is to spread the great news of hunting and the North American Conservation Model.
Daily visitors: 4 731

Deer & Deer Hunting | Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

About the blog: Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine was born in 1977, a by-product of the Stump Sitters Whitetail Study Group. It was founded by Jack Brauer and Al Hofacker, two ultra-serious whitetail hunters from the Upper Midwest. The magazine built its reputation on editorial quality and integrity. Deer & Deer Hunting is the world’s foremost resource for whitetail hunters. Read hunting articles, watch hunting videos, find hunting information and more.
Daily visitors: 38 261

Hunting Advice and Tips For Serious Deer And Turkey Hunters

About the blog: was created by Dr. Grant Woods as a means to share his love for managing and growing white-tailed deer. Grant’s passions in life are God, family, and hunting. Grant has been hunting since the third grade and has degrees from Southwest Missouri State University, University of Georgia, and Clemson University. His goal is to provide current, useful information about deer hunting and deer management in an on-demand video format.


Daily visitors: 4 374

Wired To Hunt | Deer hunting news, stories and strategies for the next generation

About the blog: Wired To Hunt is a deer hunting blog focused on sharing news, stories and strategies for the next generation of whitetail addicts. Every weekday new articles are posted to help you get your whitetail fix. If your pursuit of whitetails is a 365 day a year effort – Wired To Hunt is the place for you


Daily visitors: 13 593

Eastmans’ Official Blog | Mule Deer, Antelope, Elk Hunting and Bowhunting Magazine

About the blog: Eastmans’ Publishing, Inc. is a multimedia corporation whose roots are grounded in the ethics of fair chase hunting. We strive to help our audiences become more skilled and ethical hunters while expanding their knowledge, appreciation, and awareness of the outdoors and wildlife through entertainment media.

Eastmans’ Publishing, Inc. is a holding company engaged in publishing. We publish book and magazines, along with producing videos, DVDs, and TV programs. We also develop and sell products such as apparel, hats, and artwork.

Website: Eastmans’ Official Blog

Daily visitors: 7 776

Midwest Whitetail | Deer Hunting Videos

About the blog: Midwest Whitetail is a web-only hunting series hosted by Bill Winke. We also produce a digital TV show called “Chasing November”.


Daily visitors: 14 870


Bowhunting.Net | Bowhunting.Net is daily bowhunting news and Online Bow hunts

About the blog: is your home for bowhunting news, articles, and online bow hunts.

Website: Bowhunting.Net

Daily visitors:8 551

Morning Moss

About the blog: Morning Moss is the greatest hunting, fishing and all things outdoors site on the world wide web. Our mission is to provide you with the coolest pictures from the outdoors, best hunting/fishing product reviews and interesting articles that you won’t find anywhere else.


Daily visitors: 1 254

Easton Hunting

About the blog: Since 1922 Easton has to lead the development and innovation of precision built arrows and archery equipment. Easton is dedicated to engineering the very best inaccurate dependable equipment and accessories for the serious user.


Daily visitors: 29 584

Hunting tips and unbiased gear reviews –

About the blog: The goal of this site is to offer hunters a resource for all things related to hunting. Whether it’s increasing your shooting accuracy, firearms safety or hunting tips, we hope this site can help make your next outing a productive and more enjoyable one.


Daily visitors: 3 501

Deer Hunting Field

About the blog: Here at Deer Hunting Field, we want to teach and educate. Hunting is a passion which has existed in mankind since almost the beginning, and with the advent of the internet, we can now share information, tips, and more with each other faster than ever before. This is a crucial part of our philosophy. Our mission statement: To help you become the best hunter you can possibly be.


Daily visitors: 3 834

Bird Hunting Articles, Tips, Tactics, And Videos – Project Upland

About the blog: Project Upland – The Bird Hunting Epic Series is an initiative to capture the essence of Upland Hunting and seeks to inspire a future generation of upland bird hunters. From award-winning films to “how to” articles we seek to expand our sporting heritage and preserve the history of our tradition.


Daily visitors: 2 221

Redneck Blog – Redneck Blinds

About the blog: Get the most blogs and articles from your next hunt by Redneck Blind’s hunting blog. Find more information about the hunting blinds, stands, and hunting accessories.


Daily visitors: 35 600

Hunting Tips & Reports, Hunting Gear Reviews | Outdoor Life

About the blog: Outdoor Life is the best source for new gun reviews, how-to hunting content, gear tests, fishing photos, and outdoor news.


Daily visitors: 793 302

Hunting Tips, Hunting Report, Gear & Reviews | Field & Stream

About the blog: A virtual trophy room of Field & Stream’s best hunting content, covering deer, big game, bowhunting, waterfowl, hunting guns, and more


Daily visitors: 751 523

The Big Game Hunting Blog | Big Game Hunting Blog

About the blog: I originally founded The Big Game Hunting Blog in 2012 as a way of sharing my personal hunting stories. Since then, I’ve worked to turn The Big Game Hunting Blog into a useful resource for all hunters, but particularly those who are just getting started.


Daily visitors: 33 296

Wired Outdoors Online Hunting Videos

About the blog: See the Wired Outdoors team bring you Sem-Live hunting action all year long. Our shows aren’t a year and a half old when you see them. They are as LIVE as it gets! All our episodes are available online


Daily visitors: 212

Sole Adventure – Used to be a bowhunting blog. Now, I’m not so sure…

About the blog: A sole adventure is about being outdoors, exploring on foot. It is about discovering nature and wilderness. It is about finding new places and experiencing open spaces. A sole adventure is also about leaving the comforts of my daily life and pushing myself to do something on my own. Finally, a sole (soul) adventure is where I rediscover who I am, and why I am here.


Daily visitors: 4 835

Big Deer Blog

About the blog: Big Deer, hunting advice, and tips, latest hunting products, and reviews


Daily visitors: 4 119

Fowled Reality’s “The Grind” Waterfowl Blog – Your Source For Everything Duck and Goose Hunting

About the blog: Fowled Reality’s “The Grind” is a waterfowler hunters resource of duck and goose hunting videos, migration updates, and industry news.


Daily visitors: 1 715

Pure Hunting Blog


About the blog: A heart-pounding, visually powerful, intense hunting experience that puts you in the moment like never before through a groundbreaking approach to outdoor television. Real passion, real adrenaline and real adventure as only real hunters know it.


Daily visitors: 2 282

Raised Hunting Blog

About the blog: We are building much more than an outdoor television show, our goal is to climb into the hearts and minds of all outdoorsmen and women. We will be passing on the information on our website that will make your next hunt a success. We will be hosting and building archery camps across the nation, but most of all we will share how the outdoors has affected us, because just like you, we were “RAISED Hunting”.


Daily visitors: 2 197

About the blog:


Daily visitors:


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