Buying Guide & Design Tips: How to Customize Sunglasses

How to Customize Sunglasses

Are you looking for a way how to customize sunglasses? A sun visor or a pair of sunglasses is a great accessory to add to your wardrobe. Most sun visors are offered in a wide array of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. If you are on a tight budget, there is no need to despair as you can purchase sun visors at discounted prices. Here are some suggestions for buying sunglasses that will enhance your appearance, complement your wardrobe and help you get the most out of your hard-earned money.

Parades, festivals, and parties

For those involved in parades, festivals, and parties, customizing sunglasses have become the latest rage. Now you can get customized sunglasses like the kind worn by the leading cheerleaders and athletes in sports events. Here are a simple Buying Guide and Design Tips for those involved in buying or selecting the best sunglasses for different occasions. Most leading brands of sunglasses offer customization services for men, women, and children. It’s no longer difficult to find an item of one’s choice that would help them look trendy, cool, and stylish. The following paragraphs below will provide detailed information on how to customize sunglasses and its advantages.

Favorite color or design

Most of the time people buy sunglasses to project a specific look. They can either choose their favorite color or design and by matching pairs to enhance their look. If buying wholesale, you can easily get good discounts by customizing your shades with the help of an associate. This includes creating a theme, adding the desired logo or picture, adding text, creating a graphic image, or selecting the font style. When looking at different options of which to customize sunglasses, the best way to go for are those that offer various options that would be suitable for different types of events and celebrations such as weddings, corporate events, school proms, sports events, and graduations.

Wedding or picnic this summer

If you are attending a summer wedding or picnic, there are many accessories such as sashes, bandannas, hats, gloves, headbands, and even veils to wear. Many summer events feature a flower girl dress code while the groom picks out his own style of shades. It is important to pick out a color that matches the wedding dress. Many people choose to go with white, tan, or clear sticker sunglasses. Some brides choose to add a free bride and groom print to their custom sunglasses for added emphasis.

Bridal party

Another option for how to customize sunglasses includes adding your bridal party prints. If you are attending a summer picnic or outdoor wedding, you may want to have your bridal party printed onto your sunglasses. This makes a nice addition to the “something different” that you have already picked out.

Custom logo or slogan printed

How to customize sunglasses also includes having a custom logo or slogan printed on them. If you have a favorite saying or logo, this can be incorporated into your custom sunglasses. Many companies offer free sticker printing on their products, so you can have your logo printed on your custom sunglasses. Just make sure you confirm your order in plenty of time, so the company can prepare the print on your sunglasses. Many companies that offer this service also offer free framing. This gives you the option to frame your custom sunglasses at home with your favorite picture frame.

Image or graphic

Other ways how to customize sunglasses include adding an image or graphic to your custom sunglasses. You can choose from a variety of images including pictures of flowers, butterflies, a smiley face, hearts, and many others. Adding an image or graphic to your custom sunglasses allows you to show off your personality in a new and creative way.

Show your personality

One of the most popular ways to show your personality while looking smart is to add a personal statement to your custom sunglasses. When you learn how to customize sunglasses, you will be able to add an expression of your unique personality to your sunglasses. How to customize sunglasses includes adding your name or initials. Other ideas for personalization include adding your favorite sports team’s logo. Personalized sunglasses not only make you look good, but they also are great for supporting your favorite team.

Weddings theme

Theme weddings are getting popular day by day. A Theme Wedding is an event in which the bride is given a theme or dress code to wear at the ceremony. This allows her to stand out from the crowd. A lot of accessories are available that are themed, such as wedding sunglasses. A bride can accessorize her dress with matching custom sunglasses.

Search online

As per a leading trend, most young couples today opt for how to custom sunglasses. A simple search can throw up a host of websites that specialize in providing customized bridal party sunglasses. Amongst the many themes available, the most preferred ones are the contemporary, cowboy, classic, Hollywood glamour, traditional, beach, and floral.


For a modern and chic look, one can opt for black, brown, blue, and gray shades. This will go well with all types of bridal party dresses. On the other hand, for a classic look, the shades should be light, colorless, translucent, or beige. For a beach wedding, one can opt for either metallic silver or gold frames with pearl or rhinestone embellishments and matching bridal party sunglasses.

Impressive look

The same trend holds true for women who want to customize sunglasses for their entire entourage. A complete group of customized sunglasses can give an impressive look. These shades can be worn on formal occasions like weddings, reunions, balls, and so on. A girl can choose from modern, vintage, retro, art Deco, casual, classic, and so on. It is important to choose a theme and frame style that suit the dress the individual is wearing, the theme of the party, and the individual’s facial attributes.

Customize Sunglasses

Customize Sunglasses

French and Italian designs

Another interesting aspect of how to customize sunglasses is the avant-garde style that is represented by the French and Italian designs. One can choose from avant-garde designs such as graffiti frames, neon ones, and so on. The French and Italian themes come with oversized crystal clear lenses and are usually customized with colored, monochromatic, curved, or non-ornamented lenses. The colors are generally traditional white, gray, or black and one can opt for rimless, rounded, or squared lenses.

The question of how to customize sunglasses is pertinent not only for those who choose to wear designer eyewear but also for regular people who just want to customize their everyday wear. Most people would not think twice about buying customized shades if they were able to have them made perfectly fit their faces. If not, the whole purpose of getting customized shades becomes pointless.

A little effort is definitely worth it when you get what you want, especially if you are opting for something that really enhances your look. So long as one has the courage to experiment and explore, one can be assured that customization will not only enhance one’s looks but will also make one feel good about themselves.


When learning how to customize sunglasses, it is important to know where to find a good pair of quality sunglasses. If you have a pair of prescription sunglasses that are not personalized, you should try to order them from a reputable online store. This will ensure that you have a pair of glasses that are customized to fit your face and help improve your vision. When searching for a source for how to custom sunglasses, you need to make sure that you research each website and shop with care to ensure that you are getting a great deal.


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