Elegant Italian Style Secrets You’re Going to Follow


Did you know that Italians are often identified as one of the most fashionable people on the planet? As kids, we are taught how to dress appropriately and according to the specific setting. However, what are the secrets that you need to follow to look like an Italian?

This post will tackle the best tips on how to dress like one.

Always match the colors

You don’t need to be like Raphael or Michelangelo to have an idea of which colors complement together and which do not. It only takes a simple peeking at the color wheel.

Some of the tips you need to keep in mind when it comes to color matching are:

· Wear accessories (shoes, belt, or bag) which color mirrors one of those showing in your clothes

· Pick colors that complement better with your skin tone

Don’t forget to tone down

You may not know it yet, but Italians often wear bold colors. People often use neutral shades, and you usually pick cold colors, especially if you need to choose between warm or cold. However, bold and bright colors may be more indicated for accessories.

You can bring a sense of color if you wear black by adding a piece of glittery jewelry or a vivid belt.

Colored Glasses

Colored Glasses

Pick the right pattern

Do you plan to wear a pattern? Then make sure you pick one that complements your body type. Nearly all Italians understand that you should not wear horizontal lines if you are a bit chubby. Wearing one will make you look much bigger.

Further, it’s good to wear vertical lines if you’re a short person, helping you look slender. Ultimately, they do not match vertical and horizontal lines.

The ideal shape is the key

Body shape is a concept, which makes all difference for people. The clothes you wear must perfectly fit you. That means it should not have any underlining imperfection or hang from your body.

One thing to keep in mind is you should pick your clothes accordingly. Italian women with a so-called hourglass body type understand the importance of emphasizing their slim waist and hide their big hips.

Go for a pair of sunglasses One of the best final touches on any Italian outfit is a chic pair of sunglasses. A classic style Ferragamo sunglasses is the best if you look for a classic look, model-types sunnies. You can wear them anytime you like. The bigger the sunglasses, the better!

Italians are famous for their glamorous attitude. Hence, a pair of sunglasses is essential. Whether yours are oversized or simply suitable for blocking out the sun, do as the locals do and pair yours with a tan.

To sum up, dressing like an Italian might be chic and stylish. However, you often do not need to give a damn about looking stylish. Hence, consider these tips for what they are: suggestions instead of laws set in stone.

Most importantly, be yourself and be cool!


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