How To Download Instagram Stories

How to download instagram stories

When Instagram introduced its story feature in late 2016, everyone was doubted. It’s similar to the Snapchat platform, and it takes only a year for Instagram story counts to overtake the Snapchat message counts. This way, Instagram stories acquire a massive victory.

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In 2019, Instagram stories developed over 500 million active users every day, and it’s nearly half of the platform’s one billion active users every day. Half of every business on the platform uploads a story every day. Many users spend more time on the story section. 

In simple words, the Instagram story part is the best way to advertise your brands or businesses who look to convert their users into customers. Many people learned to use the platform well as it became a crucial part of their marketing strategy on social media. With this in the account, there is a need to save videos and images from other’s accounts. Though the platform won’t allow users to save others’ story contents due to privacy reasons, there are some ways to save it. 

Here, we can see the various ways on how to save stories from your profile which has acquired immense Instagram story views that gained high reach and also from other’s Instagram accounts.

Save Your Story Contents

Save your story contents

Save your story contents

Contents uploaded to your story section disappear after a day. You could reaccess it from the archive section, and you can use it in the highlights part to show your story contents permanently. Also, remember that it won’t save in your archive section if you delete a story content from your story section before they disappear.

You could save your story contents to your phone‘s gallery. If you need to save a story from your story section, you need to do:

  • Land on your story content that you want to save.
  • Then click on the “More” option in the bottom right corner.
  • Here, click the “Save Video” option to save the video.

If you need to save the total story contents from the previous 24 hours, you want to do:

  • Land on your story content that you want to save.
  • Then click on the “More” option in the bottom right corner.
  • Here, click the “Save Story” option to save the video.

Your files are then saved to your phone’s gallery. These points apply to Android and iOS devices. Keeping story contents is more helpful if you need to share it on other social media networks, like Facebook.

Saving Story Contents From Other Profiles

Saving story contents from other profiles

Saving story contents from other profiles

For pictures, the simple way to save story contents from other profiles is through taking a screenshot. But to save the video story contents from other profiles, it requires third-party software or application. There are various functions you could utilize for this, every function with its unique cons and pros. Also, there are many tools for saving story content on the platform online. Here, we can see the best programs and apps that you could use to save Instagram story video content on Android, iOS, and desktop.


Story Saver is a user-friendly application to save story content on Instagram for Android. It is available on the Google Play Store for free and equips only 14 MB from your phone storage. To get started, install the app and launch it with your Instagram profile.

Once you get in, you could scroll through every story that the platform users follow. Through the search bar option, you can search for other Instagram users’ stories. Click on the video or image you want to save and press the “Save” option. Then the file is saved on your phone in the Story Saver folder. 

The app doesn’t contain any in-app purchases, but it uses more ads. And this is the unavoidable feature in many installed apps. You could save story contents without permission, but the app asks every user to have permission from the content’s owner. If you need to bring this, you could use the “Share Story” feature on Instagram.


Story Reposter is the most user-friendly app for iPhone. The app is available in the App Store for free, and also you could upgrade it for just $3.99 to get more features.

The app recently introduced a new app with the excellent capability to get story contents anonymously. It means you could watch Instagram stories without getting noticed. The app acquires nearly 23 MB of storage.

For saving and downloading purposes, the application is excellent to use. And the crucial point is you don’t need to log in to your Instagram profile to save story content. Also, don’t forget to give access to use your phone library section. You could do this from your phone settings. Search for an Instagram handle or username to get started. Choose the profile from the search result. Then, you will get every story content they have uploaded in the last 24 hours. Click on the story content you need to save or download. Click the “Share” option and tap “Save Video” or “Save Image.” Don’t forget that the app only saves the story contents that are uploaded by the public profiles.

Besides saving, you could also share the Instagram stories to other platforms like Facebook, Twitter directly within the app. Click the “Share” option to get the menu list where you could select the platform you want to share.

The app uses ads that make you more annoyed. It is the standard factor in every app and who provides the services for free. 


If you work from your personal computer, there are multiple ways to save story content on Instagram. Many apps planned to have a website that provides the same thing that an app on the mobile can. For example, Story Saver acquires a website that brings you to save story contents in just three steps. You don’t need to log in with your Instagram profile. 

Another perfect way is to use the website StoryDownloader, which provides the exact thing. You can access every active story content from that user by giving the username, and then you can click the “Download” option to save the Instagram stories.

If you download Instagram stories frequently, you could also install a browser plugin. The app StoryDownloader acquires an Instagram Chrome plugin that goes well. It looks like a wrapper all over and brings download options to posts, stories, and total accounts. This extension brings you to save an image or video from entire Instagram stories. It saves on your device as .zip files, which contain a post. It’s the best option to utilize if you think to back up your account on Instagram.

The Chrome extension Stories IG is also the perfect one for your PC. Just search the username and download the stories by clicking the user’s icon. If you download stories of someone using the Instagram Chrome extension, they don’t know that you have watched their story content.

All these apps and websites do the exact thing. Every third-party app works on the same basis with minimum differences. So you decide to pick the one which suits you well. 

Live Instagram Stories

Live instagram stories

Live instagram stories

Every app works in the same factor when it comes to living Instagram story videos. You could save the story like regular video content, but don’t forget that life story content acquires more time and equips large space on your device.

An easy way to save the live video content is to record it as it continues to play. There are various screen recording applications available online for both mobile and desktop users. iPhone users could acquire a free iOS screen recorder. DU Recorder is a popular screen recording app for Android users which contains many features. The app is totally an ad-supported format though it is free. 


These are the simple steps to download your story contents and other’s stories on Instagram. Select the one which you have liked and start collecting excellent story content from your followers.

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