Your Guide to Using Accent Furniture Pieces in Interior

Your Guide to Using Accent Furniture Pieces in Interior

We all want to live in beautiful homes, and we do our best to improve the decor there so that it looks great both to us and any guests we have. This is often done by adding accent furniture pieces. While these can be functional, their main purpose is to be esthetically effective. If you want to make your home more charming using an accent furniture piece, here are some excellent ideas to inspire you.

Your Guide to Using Accent Furniture Pieces in Interior

Splash Some Color

Although a monochrome room can look harmonious, tidy, and welcoming, adding a bit of unexpected color in a small area of it can make it immeasurably more dramatic and interesting. For instance, a red armchair in an otherwise yellowish room can stand out in just the right way.

On the other hand, a yellow lamp will certainly serve its purpose in a grey space, making it brighter and more cheerful. There are many creative ways to accentuate any of your rooms with color. One good example is to use the accent color repetitively, which you can achieve by making all your picture frames the same color, or by placing several cushions in the accent color on your sofa.

You can also throw in various different ornaments, all in the same color, across the room. Another way to do it is to use neutral colors as accent ones. If you’re introducing a dark neutral accent color to your room, perhaps you should opt for objects made of natural materials, such as metal, wood, or stone.

On the other hand, if you’re going with a bright neutral color, you can turn to a whole range of objects, such as curtains, coffee tables, or paintings. The key is not to overdo it, as too much color in a room might make it confusing about which color is the base one and which one serves as the accent one.

Using Accent Furniture Pieces in Interior

Using Accent Furniture Pieces in Interior

Look Up

If you want to use an accent piece without disrupting your already existing color balance, you can rely on different materials or styles to create the desired look. A smart way to do that is with lighting fixtures. An industrial-style metal cage ceiling light in a contemporary space might do the trick. Likewise, several vintage rustic lanterns in your hall or an antler pendant above your kitchen island can look very impressive in contrast to the minimalist design of the place.

A traditionally-crafted boho light installation can enrich any space, and you can even combine different materials and colors with such pieces. Plus, if you decide to suspend the accent lighting fixture right above some cozy upholstery, you can enhance the contradiction between the two styles and textures, making the space much more exciting.

Keep Your Eyes Down

Not unlike putting the emphasis piece above the room, you can make your floors infinitely more appealing with accented floors. A plush rug can be the perfect solution for you. This opens plenty of opportunities, as rugs come in different colors, materials, shapes, and designs.

For instance, New Zealand can take a lot of pride in rugs, as the country is famous for its distinctive patterns and ornaments and rugs made of natural materials. That’s why investing in amazing rugs from NZ can add an entirely new dimension to any of the rooms in your home, from the hallway to your living room to your bedroom. Choose wool, hemp, or jute rugs for a more natural feel of your living space, or adjust the rug to your personal needs and lifestyle by getting the ones created specifically for people with kids or pets. That way you’ll get a piece that is practical and beautiful at the same time, augmenting the appearance of your home, no matter what the prevailing style of it is.

Guide to Using Accent Furniture Pieces in Interior

Guide to Using Accent Furniture Pieces in Interior

Make It Big

While your accent piece can be something small, such as a vase, a painting, or an unusual clock on your walls, you can decide on something far more noticeable. In fact, one of your main furniture pieces can be the best accent item for your home and, making your interior either far more vibrant, elegant, or simply impressive.

A massive accent table in your dining room is one way to go, while an accent sofa in your living room is another. Again, this is something you can do in several ways. One of them is getting the accent piece in a material that stands out from the rest of the room. Instead of that, you can select chairs or coffee tables in contrast colors to the room’s chromatic scheme. An unusual TV stand can also be a striking accent piece, especially an antique one in a modern room and with a state-of-the-art flat-screen TV on top of it. If this is not something you’re ready for, you can actually make one of your walls the accent of your room.

All you need to do is paint it in a different color to the rest of the room, or just cover it with wallpaper, in which case you can let your imagination run wild with some of the most alluring patterns and colors you can nowadays find. Even if you don’t want to paint your walls, you can make your walls the focus of the room by putting a big mirror on them. Aside from making your room more compelling, a mirror can make it look bigger and brighter, particularly so if you hang it across from a window.

Using accent pieces to add a new dimension to your living space allows you to upgrade your home’s appearance, but also to breathe in some of your own or your family’s collective personality into it. So, don’t waste your time and adjust your living space to your own preferences today.


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