Which Modern Rug Material and Design is right for your room?

A Modern rug is a requisite accent chunk for any dining room, bedroom, or living room. Modish rugs can simply determine the theme and color palette of a room, safeguard flooring, and help absorb the loud noise of day to day life. A modern rug guards your flooring against any kind of wear and tear, and enhances the beauty of the floors, plus takes care of your feet.

While shopping for a modern rug, a few things should be considered viz. rug size (5 x 8 is the standard modern rug size), the fabric and material of the rug and finally a trendy design. Choosing a rug can be a gruesome task if you have no clue where to start and what to look for, and the fact that they stay in your home for years makes choosing a GOOD modern rug very essential. Let me help you choose some durable material and the stylish design of the modern rug that will make your home even more beautiful.

Modern Rug Materials

The material directly translates to the durability, touch and the price of the modern rug. Here are three varieties that are available in the market for you to choose from:

Modern Wool Rugs

Wool is known for its softness, resilience, comfort and stain resistance. A modern wool rug makes your room warm and keeps the cold outside of the room. Just imagine the soft touch on your feet when you move out of your bed in the morning.

Modern Cotton Rugs

Modern cotton rugs are not that durable when compared to modern wool rugs but require less maintenance and can be washed roughly. They are just perfect for areas of the home that face a lot of traffic and dust like entry door and bathroom.

Modern Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic Rugs are made up of polymer like Polypropylene. These are just amazing for both indoor as well as outdoor use. Modish synthetic rugs come with the benefits of both wool and cotton rugs. They are easy to maintain and have high stain resistance. Moreover, they provide a huge range of decent patterns and designs lacking up to a great extent in woolen and cotton rugs.

Modern Rub Patterns plus Designs

What makes the modern rugs distinguish from others? Of course, their patterns and designs:

1) Modern Chevron Area Rug

This pattern is kind of an uninterrupted V pattern and it is originated from military reforms. The ultimate pick is white and black chevron rug but give a shot to the array of colors and materials to choose from to give your room a classy touch.

2) Modern Striped Rug

As the name suggests, the striped rug is made up of lots of strips (clean lines) and indeed it’s good for your modern home. You can either go for a two-colored striped design or for an intellectual multi-colored contemporary striped rug which will give a feel of the painting. Isn’t an amazing way to add unique colors to your room?

3) Modern Quatrefoil Rug

You must have seen a quatrefoil design in a variety of modern style pillows, rugs, and other textiles. Go for a traditional quatrefoil design that comprises more curves. Take my advice and choose the one with the simple color combination and give an elegant look to your room.

Choosing a good requires more than a good taste. It requires an eye for detail and being practical and wise in choosing the color themes. Make sure you invest in one that matches your room.


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