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Hunting Bows And Its Types

Archery and hunting bows have existed in a plethora of forms throughout the history. Bows have evolved through distinct ages, and many are now manufactured with elements such as carbon fibre, fibreglass and some even have advanced shooting mechanisms. Different types of hunting and archery bows available include longbows, recurve bows, compound bows and crossbows delivering the archer with a variety of advanced functionalities.


Longbows were being first utilized in the battles in 1298 and were one of the most dominating weapons in the mid 16th century. Till now, longbows have covered a long journey and are more than just a piece of curved wood and a string. Longbows are slightly tricky to aim when taken in comparison to the recurve and compound bows. The users of longbows require more practice, mastery and patience. But many hunters and archers still prefer to shoot with longbows.

Recurve bows

The horsemen initially used Recurve bows, but the modern version of recurve bows are used in Olympics games.  The name is specified due to the shape of the bow that is curved towards the archer. This advanced configuration provides the bow with high powered shots with lower strength utilization. Recurve bows are used in the hunting practice sessions and also by the tutors to teach shooting lessons due to the precise accuracy and ease of use. Recurve hunting bows are loaded with many components and are helpful in polishing the skills.

Compound bows

Compound bows were introduced in the late 1960s and evolved as the innovative mechanism of pulleys and cables. This mechanism helps the hunter to aim the bow with more power without even putting a lot of strain on the muscles. Compound hunting bows are least affected by the climatic changes and humidity, which helps in sustaining the same precision with the same velocity. Most of the beginners do not opt for compound bows as this high-end mechanism is complicated to use.


Crossbows were originated from China and were the primary weapon in the battle between Medieval Ages and Greco-Roman. Crossbows have a mechanism attached to the trigger, which makes shooting more easy and convenient. Crossbows are typically used for hunting and target archery. is the trusted and reliable seller that deals in all kinds of archery and hunting bows in pocket-friendly prices. All the archery bows are imported from the best-in-class hunting bow brands from across the globe.

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