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Different type Arrows and their advantages and disadvantages

As so many options available to you while you are picking out arrows, the question should be where to start? There are few factors to consider when you are choosing the arrow. These may include the type of bow that you are using, traditional or modern, whether you use the bow for target shooting or hunting. There are four types that an archery participant can choose from:

  • Cedar or other good quality wood
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon
  • Aluminum/carbon hybrid


Wood or cedar arrows are chosen usually for its look and also for nostalgia. A wood shafted arrow is heavy and quite when shot and while carried in the quiver. These are quite affordable too. If you are using the traditional bow, these types are fine to be used but these are not right for the compound bows. It has a tendency to wrap due to some outdoor elements. Any shot that hits the glances or ground of any target can cause it to break or bend. The weight of the type determined by the wood their shaft has crafted.


The Aluminum shafted arrows have been around since the year 1970. They are extremely straight, lightweight, durable and cost-effective and they remain unaffected by changing the weather. They are best for high speed and also flatter trajectories than the traditional wood shafted arrow. It can be noisy when you are carried around and also have the tendency to bend or creak.

Carbon shafted

These types are the latest trend to the archery market and have been in the market since early 1990. These are lightweight and strong as well as durable and quiet. They can break only with enough force but bend them is almost impossible. They are quite expensive than the other types but most of the archers prefer to have them.

Aluminum/Carbon hybrid

Aluminum/Carbon hybrid arrows are simply an aluminum core with the carbon wrapping. They combine each of the disadvantages and advantages of both the aluminum and carbon arrow. They are reasonably durable, extremely straight and lightweight. Breaking and bending are common due to its aluminum core. They are fastest among others and come with flattest trajectories. They are also most expensive.

Choosing the type of arrow is a personal choice or different archers but spending good time and effort for comparing the price and durability will benefit you always in long run. If you are using them for the purpose of target shooting, it will be better to have a lighter arrow that will provide you with the flatter trajectory and distance. If you are preparing for the hunt, you will have a heavier arrow that can give you more power into the broadhead and deeper penetration.



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