Dried Mealworms

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Dried Mealworms: How Nutritious Are They For Feeding Birds?

Do you have birds and want them to grow bigger, healthier and produce quality eggs? Then you have found a perfect solution to that. These foods are highly nutritious to birds, ornamental fishes, reptiles and a host of other animals.

Think for a second, do you know why birds go nuts when they spot warms in the soil? That’s because of the nutritional value. But then, not every bird can have this delicacy or favorite meal on a daily basis because worms know how to protect themselves. So, the best way to provide your birds or animal with enough of this delicious meal is to get dried mealworms in bulk. Find out more about these meals.

The analysis of dry meal worms is:  Protein 49%, Lysine 2.5%, Methionine 0.9%, Fat 25%, Fibre 9%, Moisture 5% Protein, Calcium 0.03-0.05%, Phosphorus (min) 0.5%.

What makes Dried Mealworms important foods?

The main reason humans eat food is to survive. Another is to provide the body with the necessary nutrients it needs to function optimally. If you don’t get enough of these nutrients in the right proportion, you may likely not perform well. Even kids may also not develop as they should.

That’s what happens to your birds when they don’t get enough nutrients. And for the records, almost all the nutrients they need are bundled up in the worms you find walking on the surface of the earth. Even most of the wild bird foods they consume cannot measure up to the nutrient or nutritional value of these warms.

Are bulk meal worms the best option? If your birds cannot discover and pick up their worms from the soil, then offering them the Dried Mealworms is the best and most reasonable thing you should do.

Just like live chubby mealworms, Dried Meal worms are rich in protein, and other vital nutrients birds need to grow and perform optimally. For instance, every 100 grams of this food you give to your birds contains between 10 – 25 grams of protein, and 20 grams of calories.

Now you can see why they are considered an excellent choice for your pets. And as a matter of fact, feeding your pets with these foods will not only cause them to develop faster. They will also help birds or chickens to build a stronger immune system and even keep diseases at bay. There will not be a need for you to waste money for treatment or panic when your animals are healthy and growing at the rate that you want.

Some FAQ here:

  • What birds like eat dried mealworms? Most types of birds.
  • Can offer for the baby chicks? Yes.
  • Can offer for the bearded dragons? Yes

For feeding to live mealworm, you can give oatmeal, cornmeal, grains crushed into the meal like wheat or milo. Also, they eat seeds, decaying plants, fungus, dot food, cat food, chicken food, cereal, birdseed, fruits, vegetables, and flour too.


Adult or baby mealworms are natural and safe for animals to consume. Also different to the freeze mealworms. But take note that the analysis for each batch might not be the same due to factors that size of the worm, age before drying and the process used. Even at that, they are still safe for the animals above and highly nutritious. These warms are the larvae of a mealworm beetle. And you can either mix it with other animal foods. This is a tasty and healthy treat for your animal friends.

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