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How To Select The Best Compound Bow

Novice bow hunters and archers come from different backgrounds. Some of them are just veteran hunters who consider taking up compound bow only by holding it in their hand. Others who are ranked amateurs are attracted by the allure and the design of the compound bow. Whatever your case may be, there is a myriad of things you should know before getting home a compound bow.

Here are some guidelines you should keep in mind while shopping for a compound bow.

The Draw Length

You need to have a closer eye on the draw length of the compound bow. The easiest way to determine the draw length is to visit a local store and measure the bow. You can even measure the draw length at your home with the help of some measuring tape and some markings.

Draw length helps you in determining the compatibility of the compound bow. If the draw length is less or more, then you will find it hard to shoot the bow as more length means you will not be able to apply enough force up to full extent.

Anchor Point

The anchor point is the point on your face that touches the hand when a bow is drawn to full length. It’s utterly dependent on ones comfort or how do you feel with a particular anchor point.  Anchor point plays a vital role in the selection of your compound bow. As you have to locate the target depending on the position of the anchor point. Take the compound bow in your hand and draw the string to determine the anchor point. This is the only and easiest way to look for a perfect bow.

The Draw-weight

Next, you need to pay attention to the draw weight. Draw weight is the weight in pounds which you require to pull the string up to a full extent. The draw weight of a compound bow will ensure the power in the shoot and the damage caused to the target. Pick the compound bow with the draw weight that you can pull easily without much muscle strain. You can start with as low as 60 pounds and can lead up to higher weight ratios.

These basic guidelines play the most vital role in the selection of a compound bow. At, you will find the best compound and compound bows for sale that are listed as per the draw length and the draw weight. You can read the complete specification before making your final purchase.

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