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Materials BLU Cell Phone Cases & Covers

BLU is an American mobile phone manufacturer and they are becoming the trendsetter in the mobile world. They have launched many new phones under the name Vivo with all the latest features and they are now one of the leading brands in the market and preferable for the consumers. The price of the phones ranges from low to high. If you are buying any of the models from the brand, this is important to have the cases and covers according to the phone model and design.

You may notice that an increasing number of people wish to keep their cell phones in some special cases. Some people enjoy having high-quality leather accessories, while others opt for the neoprene cases that to protect the BLU devices.  A cell phone from the brand, especially one that quite expensive and comes with lots of exciting features and that piece should be protected properly.

Choosing an excellent BLU Cell Phone Cases & Covers can be a dilemma as on the one hand, it is not reasonable to spend big money for a simple accessory, while on the other hand, protection matters most.

There are three chief material types available: neoprene, leather, and silicone. There are also high-quality aluminum cases that are not as popular as the previously mentioned models.

Pros and cons of such materials:


Leather looks beautiful.  A leather case is a nice item for the people choosing a business style in their clothes. Indeed, a businessman wearing an expensive suit will look ridiculous with a BLU phone in a pink neoprene case. Leather one also feels great in the hands. The biggest problem with such cases is the risk of buying a fake. There are also the cheap and so-called “leather” cases that you can get in few bucks. Be aware of the fake materials.


Silicone ones are extremely popular as they are skin tight. Many such items are transparent, so your phones will look original, the way they are. They are also inexpensive protection solutions.


Neoprene is another popular material that looks superior and they are very durable. Today, more than 50% of all items sold are made of the neoprene. The beauty of such product is that they suit various designs and styles and designs. They are perfect for all the BLU high-end smartphones that the young people use.

When buying BLU Cell Phone Cases & Covers, it is imperative to make sure that it fits perfectly.

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