What is the Parakeet Life Span? Tips on How to Extend It

Parakeet Life Span

Are you curious about the parakeet’s life span? These cute colorful birds belong to the family of parrots and are commonly found in South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia. They are known for being playful and lively, which is why a lot of people like to keep them as house pets.

If you do want to have parakeets at home, make sure you feed them well and give them a comfortable environment to thrive in. This is to ensure that they will live for a long time. Although their lifespan is an average of 5 to 9 years, this can vary depending on how you take good care of them.

Where Do Parakeets Originate From?

As mentioned, parakeets originated in Australia, although you’ll now find them all over the world. In Australia, they are known to fly as flocks or in groups. But when you take home a parakeet, the bird should be able to easily adapt to the surroundings and will eventually learn to adapt to its habitat. It is because of this that parakeets can make for a good pet for your home.

Once the parakeet can adapt to its new environment, it will be able to live a healthier and longer life. In Australia, a parakeet is called a budgie or budgerigar. So, if you ever hear someone referring to your pet as a budgie, there’s no need to correct the person. He or she is simply calling the bird according to how it’s called in its origin country.

What is the Parakeet Life Span in Captivity?

Most parakeets live a long and fruitful life. You can now find them in many countries around the world. The average parakeet life span is 7-14 years and even more. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to provide your parakeet bird with a comfortable environment.

By providing your parakeet pet with a healthy lifestyle, you can be sure that your bird will be able to live past its average lifespan. As a bird owner, you should be able to provide your feathered friend with the best care possible. Remember that your bird relies on you to provide them the attention and care that they need.

How Can I Extend Parakeet Life Span?

As mentioned, parakeets usually fly in groups in Australia. This is how they are able to live efficiently. While in captivity, it’s basically up to the owner to provide the proper care in order for the pet to prosper and live a longer life.

Parakeets are now the most popular choice of birds to keep at home. When caring for these birds, pet owners must always consider their exotic roots. The best way to prolong the parakeet life span is by having a thorough understanding of the bird’s way of living in the wild.

Parakeet Life Span Food

Parakeet Life Span Food

Here’s what you can do:

1. Feed Them a Healthy Diet

It is only by having a healthy diet that the parakeet can live a longer life. Once you’ve given your pet a secure home, the first thing that you need to think about is the food that you’re going to feed the bird.

Remember that parakeets need to follow a special diet in order to have a longer lifespan. It’s highly recommended to feed the birds with fruits, vegetables, and seeds since these are the usual foods that they would eat in the wild.

The seeds provide the birds with basic nutrients to keep them healthy and strong. By supplementing their diet with fresh vegetables and fruit, you will be helping them live a longer life. The fruits and veggies can provide nourishment to your pet bird, and prevent them from getting sick.

2. Get Toys for Them to Play

Just like with any pet, your parakeet will be happy if you give it toys to play with. If your bird is happy, it will remain healthy and live a long life. So, look for toys that your bird can play with. These toys can also help with your bird’s exercise. As mentioned, one way to extend the parakeet life span is to let it exercise regularly.

Giving your pet some toys to play with will not only improve its physical health but also mental health as well. This is crucial to keeping them healthy. Just like with any bird or animal, it’s important for the parakeet to not get bored. Otherwise, they will feel depressed and that could shorten their lifespan. So, go online or visit a pet store to look for toys that are suitable for your pet bird.

3. Give Them Enough Space

Just like with any animal, it’s important for your bird to be able to exercise regularly. You must also give your bird enough space to move and fly around. The goal is to mimic their natural habitat, so they will live comfortably. If you confine them to a small space, such as in their cage their lifespan could be shortened.

Therefore, make sure you let your parakeet go out of its cage from time to time. If possible, let your bird fly at least once a day. This is how they will get much-needed exercise and live a healthy life. Before you adopt a parakeet for a pet, research the type of cage that can work best for them. This is to ensure that your pet will be able to live in a healthier and safer environment.


In conclusion, the best way to extend the parakeet life span is to give it a healthy life. To keep your pet healthy, you should feed it with healthy foods that can give nourishment to its body. You must also give your bird toys to play with and allow it to exercise from time to time.

Let your bird fly at least once a day and don’t confine it in its cage. That could make it feel lonely and isolated. Remember, the life span of your pet will mainly depend on how you take care of it. As a pet owner, it is your sole responsibility to provide your pet with a healthy and comfortable life.


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