How to Prevent Diarrhea With 7 Effective Ways

Diarrhea Prevention

How to Prevent Diarrhea. Diarrhea is considered a common condition. It can be caused by a variety of reasons and certain times of the year increase the prevalence of this health woe. But, unlike other common diseases that often go away on their own eventually, you cannot simply ignore having diarrhea. It can be quite inconvenient (and embarrassing) to have. More importantly, it can quickly lead to a more serious medical condition for How to Prevent Diarrhea.

For children, experiencing severe diarrhea for a couple of days may lead to death. Meanwhile, for adults, severe diarrhea may lead to grave dehydration, which can then cause kidney failure.

Clearly, diarrhea is not a matter to take lightly. Fortunately, effective diarrhea medicine for adults and children is easily accessible and can halt all diarrhea symptoms in a matter of hours. Having said that, keep in mind that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For diarrhea prevention, there are different preventative measures you can take. Here are seven things you can do to avoid coming down with diarrhea:

Make handwashing a habit.

Although diarrhea is often caused by a virus, it can also be caused by a bacterial infection that usually stems from poor personal hygiene. Thus, one of the best ways to prevent the spread of this illness is through frequent and thorough handwashing.

The World Health Organization and other health-focused groups have their own recommended handwashing techniques, but this is the most thorough one for how to prevent diarrhea:

● Start off by turning on the tap and cleaning the knob you touched with water and soap, and then rinse it thoroughly. You do this, so you do not come in contact again with the germs that your hands initially had when you’re ready to rinse.
● Afterward, wet your hands again.
● Apply a good amount of soap to cover your entire hand.
● Work the soap into a lather and rub your palms and fingers. Make sure to target between your fingers, the back of your hands, and under your nails. Don’t forget to rub the tips of your four long fingers on each palm.
● Finally, place your hands under running water and perform the same handwashing movements until all soap is gone.
● Dry your hands with a clean paper towel. It’s better to use a paper towel that you throw in the bin than a towel that could have already been used by someone else.

The key to hand washing for health is to do it correctly. Do not rush it. Dedicate about 40 to 60 seconds to the activity.

Prevent Diarrhea Hand Wash

Prevent Diarrhea Hand Wash

Bring disinfecting wipes with you at all times for how to prevent diarrhea.

If you have young children who like to grab things and automatically put them in their mouths, you definitely will benefit from having disinfecting wipes handy because they’re convenient and can get the cleaning job done right. You can clean the little ones’ hands, their toys, and different surfaces with this product, particularly when you are not at home.

But, again, do so correctly. A single swipe and wipe will not do, especially for dusty surfaces. Use a new sheet until you get a clean swipe.

Boost your immune system for Diarrhea Prevention.

You can keep bacteria and other harmful elements that can make you sick at bay by having a strong immune system. Therefore, eat nutritious food as much as possible. Also, increase your intake of ingredients that are known to boost immunity, such as:

● Turmeric
● Green tea
● Fermented food such as miso, kombucha, kimchi, and sauerkraut
● Berries

Consider taking supplements such as probiotics, colostrum, and vitamins as well, and do not forget to exercise. Working out stimulates the release of reparative hormones that strengthen the body against colds, coughs, and even diarrhea.

Keep your body warm.

Studies reveal that warmth is healing and is much better for the immune system. Cold weather has often been associated with common illnesses because it can arrest the immune system.

So, on cold days, make sure that you are always warm, especially your upper torso. If you already have diarrhea, a warm wrap around your stomach area can bring comfort and relief. Likewise, it can help restore normal body temperature.

Practice hygienic kitchen maintenance and food preparation at all times.

This is the best preventative measure against diarrhea that is caused by food poisoning. Sanitize your cooking and dining utensils; steam them if you have the time. Don’t forget to steam clean dish rags and dishwashing sponges as well. Also, if you use a dishwasher, sanitize it every week. Plus, wash down kitchen surfaces (mainly counters where you chop down meat and slice other raw ingredients) with disinfecting soap.

Health professionals also advise changing the hand towels every day. This way, if someone in the household is sick, you can lower the chances of cross-contamination.

Only drink purified water.

A lot of people with a sensitive stomach can get diarrhea from drinking water straight from the tap. If you and your family are the same, you really should invest in a water purifying system. This way, you can enjoy safe water at home all the time instead of going to the grocer frequently for stocks of distilled or purified bottled water.

When you’re traveling to a country that’s not Canada, Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, or Switzerland, however, make sure that you only drink purified water in a bottle.

Avoid eating raw and undercooked food for Diarrhea Prevention.

Raw and undercooked food may be national delicacies in some countries but politely turn them down when offered. People with a delicate stomach should avoid eating raw and undercooked food at all costs to lower the risk of getting diarrhea. So, as gorgeous as that fresh tuna sashimi or beef tartar is, steer clear of them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Other foods to avoid eating raw are eggs, oysters (steer clear of shellfish because medical professionals call them the “scavengers of the sea”), and medium-rare to rare steak. Be careful of certain vegetables as well; not all of them can be eaten like salad. Certain sweet potatoes and potatoes, for instance, can be toxic.

Cooking is one of the best ways to kill potentially harmful bacteria and some parasites that naturally reside in some food ingredients. So, again to be on the safe side, cook ingredients well.

These are seven of the most reliable preventative practices for how to prevent diarrhea. Implement all of them and see their impact in reducing the occurrence of diarrhea in your household.

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