Love and Grammar, Interesting Online Dating Survey Results

If you are online dating this holiday season, two surveys provide interesting insights into what you say and how you say it. Values, authenticity, and grammar are things to keep in mind.

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According to a new survey by ProWritingAid, an AI-powered writing assistant, good grammar is helpful for online dating profiles. The survey comes at a time of rapid growth for online dating. The number of online users of dating services is expected to reach 277 million by 2024.

The research commissioned by ProWritingAid surveyed 7,500 US consumers and 5,000 UK consumers. Alongside this, live profiles were run to compare the success of profiles with and without grammatical mistakes using the same images.

According to the survey of 12K people, 63% of women reported that they consider grammar necessary when assessing a dating profile, compared to 53% of men. More specifically, women aged 18-34 are 311% more likely to choose well-written dating profiles than those with grammatical errors.


Of the 53% of men that say grammar is important, 10% matched less with profiles containing correct grammar over those with grammatical mistakes. That was slightly surprising, but it begs the question, what are the important factors people look for?’s annual Singles in America survey reveals that a lot has changed for singles since the pandemic. 72% got better at prioritizing important things in their lives, and 84% want someone that can make them laugh. Something we did find surprising was that Men (42%) are more ready to find a long- term romantic relationship than women (29%).

When it comes to online dating, having a profile that most genuinely represent you and your values is the best approach and having good grammar is more beneficial than not.

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