Hunting Tips on Axis Deer

In Texas, axis deer hunting has increased in popularity over the years. Other than their beauty, axis deer meat is perhaps the tastiest of any big game. To land your axis trophy effortlessly, remember these factors and tips about hunting this special breed of deer. “Ghillie Suit is the most commonly used thing in hunting. The hunters wear Ghillie Suit to disappear into the natural surroundings in the middle of the jungle. If you are looking for the best ghillie suit, BowsGuide provided best reviews ”

Know the schedule- Mid-November until early to mid-December is believed to be the prime time for axis hunting. However, hunting during the May to September months is more promising because most axis deer will have hard horns that do not break as easy.

Axis deer are social deer and may be found in large groups during hunts.

Axis deer are very keen on any potential danger.

Hunters must move quickly, quietly, and cautiously to avoid scaring off any trophies. Axis deer know when danger is near and will alert the entire herd before scampering off to safety, effectively blowing your cover and ruining your hunt.

Make the first shot count.

Axis deer are very fast and agile, so a missed shot could be the only shot you have for the day. It is not likely for even an experienced hunter to get a clean shot from a retreating axis deer.

Scents and sounds are like danger alarms to axis deer. Avoid using any heavy cologne or perfume while hunting and consider hiding your scent with scent killing soaps or cover scents.

Purchase good hunting gear and practice with it well before the hunt.

Reliable gear that you are comfortable using can make all the difference between landing a trophy and going home empty-handed. Rifle stands are a great option because they allow hunters to position, hold, steady, and move their weapon without creating any disturbance. If you prefer bow hunting, paint your arrowheads with a bright color that is easy to find in wooded terrain.

Learn the behavior of your prey.

Axis deer are able to camouflage into their surroundings very well, making it hard to see them from a distance. Being cautious creatures, they will also scout out their surroundings before attempting to feed. Keep this in mind when setting up your feeding area because if any axis deer are nearby, they will sense your presence and refuse to approach the area.

By keeping these seven simple tips in mind while axis hunting, hunters are able to double or even triple their chances of attracting mature axis deer. Try just one or a combination of any of these helpful hints and watch as your trophy count increases tremendously. To learn more about axis hunts visit Squaw Mountain Ranch.



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